Disturbing Comment

To The Editor:
On May 20, 2014, Dillon Historic School Advocacy (DHSA) met with the Dillon County Board of Education to ask specific questions about this Board’s barring all access to the auditorium of former J.V. Martin Junior High School. Before DHSA left that meeting, Chairman Schafer invited the members to submit any other questions which the Board would answer.
In response, I would like to voice a personal concern while asking the Board relevant questions:
-At your May 20th board meeting, the physical condition of J.V. Martin auditorium was compared to that of East Elementary School, explicitly stating that both buildings currently exhibit serious structural weaknesses – a disturbing statement that prompted no questions or comments from the board members.
-J.V. Martin auditorium has just recently been officially declared inaccessible whereas East Elementary School remains accessible to children and school employees. With the disclosure of this unfavorable comparison, how does the Dillon County Board of Education plan to justify this acknowledgeable weakness in sound judgment while attempting to ease the minds of the concerned parents of children assigned to an “unfit and unsafe” classroom building?
Or, was this disturbing comparison just some unfortunate error in basic logic – an error that the board could easily correct by issuing a follow-up statement declaring that one building is no more “unfit and unsafe” than the other?
Terry Morris
Member of DHSA
P.O. Box 173
Dillon, SC 29536

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