Yellow Jessamine Garden Club Honors J.P. Camp

The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club members gathered with family, and staff at the PruittHealth – Dillon Nursing Home, formerly known as Pines Nursing Home, to honor Mr. J. P. Camp on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 7 p.m.  The beautifully decorated dining hall was the scene of a tribute to Mr. J. P. Camp, the former Director of the Dillon Technology Center.  
Cathy McDaniel, President of the Yellow Jessamine Garden Club, issued a very special welcome to Mr. Camp’s family consisting of sons, David and Eddie; and his grandson, David; friends, garden club members, and the staff of PruittHealth – Dillon.
In the opening ceremony, Ms. McDaniel opened with prayer.
She thanked Mr. Camp for his hard work, dedication, and vision for securing the site for the Hwy 9 mini-park located at the east gate of Dillon just inside the city limits and situated on land belonging to the Dillon Technology Center, then known as the Area Vocational School.
Larue Bracey president of the Yellow Jessamine Garden Club from 1990-1993, presented Mr. Camp a picture of the old oak tree, the centerpiece of the park; a certificate of appreciation, and a scrapbook of pictures of the site before, and during the building of the site, and pictures of the park as it appears today.  Ms. Bracey’s presentation was very moving and inspiring.  
She began with a trip back in time to the beginning of the park and the efforts it took to make the park a reality.
The following is part of the presentation:
In November 1990, The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club of Dillon, SC voted to establish a roadside park on S.C. Highway No. 9 just inside the Dillon City limits.
A dream of Mr. J. P. Camp, the then director of the Dillon Area Vocational School, was to have a beautiful entrance to the City of Dillon by the east gate where visitors and locals would have a place to enjoy and relax.  Mr. Camp pledged his support and secured authorization for use of the site from the AVS Board of Directors.  
By January of 1991 under the direction of the YJGC President Larue Bracey and project manager Frances Tyler, the project was underway with many volunteers working with the garden club members.  Thanks to the dream and support of Mr. Camp, the mini-park is a reality. For the past 23 years the Yellow Jessamine Garden Club has maintained the park.
Thank you, Mr. Camp, for your service to this community.  Your vision has become a reality, and now the entrance to the east gate of the City of Dillon on Highway 9 East has a beautiful and serene mini-park.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the staff of Pruitt-Health provided delicious refreshments.  All enjoyed fellowship with Mr. Camp and his family.
The YJGC recognizes with appreciation the contributions from the City Council.  Also, the help and assistance from the SC Highway Dept., Area Vocational School and the Boy Scouts Troops 5 & 7 in establishing the No. 9 mini-park.