Humane Society of Dillon County: September Meeting

The Humane Society of Dillon County held its September 19th meeting at the Dillon Wellness Center.  The agenda included the election of officers.  
Faye Perritt of Latta was elected President, replacing Donna Grice who resigned due to teaching obligations.  Terry McColl, Little Rock, was elected Treasurer, replacing Mrs. Perritt.
The Humane Society was started in June this year and has as its primary goal to reduce the number of unwanted pets in our community.  
This can be done through education, spay and neutering programs, and community involvement.  A tax-exempt status has been applied for making donations to the society tax-deductible.
Already successful fundraisers have been held, and the proceeds have gone into projects for the animals.  One of these projects was the purchase and installation of  a shade cloth for the Dillon County Animal Shelter to give protection from the oppressive heat and sunlight to the dogs in the outside kennels.
In an effort to control the birth of so many dogs and cats who have no homes or owners, a plan is being developed to establish a low cost spay and neuter clinic, hopefully to be implemented in the very near future.
Presently some members volunteer to foster dogs for the animal shelter when a quarantine period is needed prior to being placed for adoption in other states.  
Many members also volunteer at the shelter, answering telephones, assisting with clerical work, feeding the orphaned puppies and kittens.  They also show available adoptable animals to prospective owners as well as taking the dogs outside the kennels for leash training and socialization.
For those interested in adopting, photos and biographies of available dogs appearing on Facebook have been helpful in finding homes for them as well as obtaining assistance from new rescue groups in other states.
Anyone interested in joining the Humane Society would be most welcomed and the help greatly appreciated.  For more information, you may visit Faye Perritt on Facebook, or contact her at 843-752-5312.  
The next meeting will be Thursday, October 22, 2013, at the Wellness Center.