4th Annual Dillon County Shrimp-Caster’s Contest

Shrimp Caster Contestants - Front Row (left to right): Cheryl Vance, Kathi Campbell, Daniel Coleman, Jimmy Fore, Bill Aston, Tracey Pelt, and Rant Brown. Back Row (left to right): Granville Vance, Richard Calhoun, Brownie Campbell, Mac Campbell, Lee Herndon, David McLaurin, Phyllis Richardson, Jerry Richardson, Mickey Dew, and Chase Carter. Not Pictured: Jane Calhoun, Tally McCall, Meredith Coleman, and Gene Varn. (Submitted. Click to view at full size!)

The 4th Annual Dillon County Shrimp-caster’s Contest was held on Sunday, August 26, 2012, at Brownie and Kathi Campbell’s pool.

As in the past, the contestants were given three throws with a possible 60 points awarded for accuracy over the bait and net shape.

The seven-foot net division was won by a relatively new thrower, Daniel Coleman, with rookie Granville Vance placing second and Jimmy Fore taking third place.

Bill Aston knows he threw a good net.

The eight-foot net division was also won by the hot-hand of Daniel Coleman. Judge Jerry Richardson, last year’s winner of the seven-foot and three-foot nets, insisted that Daniel will have to replace him as a judge in next year’s competition.

Richard Calhoun, who has placed in at least one event nearly every year, placed second. Mickey Dew placed third and may have finished much higher had he not had a wardrobe malfunction.

The difficult-to-place three-foot net was won by veteran shrimper Bill Aston, with Jimmy Fore placing second and previous contestant winner, David McLaurin, placing third.

The judges, Kathi Campbell and Jerry Richardson, did an exemplary job, despite the absence of long time judge, Tommy Squires. Though Tommy was sick the day of the event, he is expected back next year.

Rant Brown and Tracy Pelt prepared a Frogmore Stew.

The contestants and spectators enjoyed a Frogmore Stew prepared by Tracy Pelt and Rant Brown. The ingredients were caught by shrimpers Jerry Richardson, Richard Calhoun, Bill Aston, and Brownie Campbell. The hors d’oeurves were provided by Granville Vance, Richard Calhoun, and Kathi Campbell.

A good time was had by all, especially Daniel and Bill.

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