South Of The Border: Still A Dillon County Treasure

You may have noticed some of the new signs as you head down Interstate 95 inviting travelers to South of the Border and reminding them to visit their website, Perhaps, you joined their page on Facebook®, or maybe you visited and saw some of the improvements that have been going on recently. All of this reminds us that not only is South of the Border still a Dillon County treasure, it’s still going strong.
South of the Border remains one of Dillon County’s top employers, one of its top taxpayers, and its top tourist destination. Many young people have had their start in the business world with employment at South of the Border including the current Federal Reserve head Ben Bernanke. (Photo by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald)
South of the Border was established more than 60 years ago in 1949 by Alan Schafer, who was known as a shrewd businessman and philanthropist. South of the Border began as a 600 sq.ft. beer stand and grew into a 300-acre “roadside oasis” featuring restaurants, gift shops, a theme park, mini-golf, and a motel and campground. Recent additions include The Reptile Lagoon and the South of the Border MX (motocross) training facility.
Whether you are going for the day or staying a few days at the motel or campground, South of the Border has a great deal to offer.
Visitors can dine at one of the six restaurants—The Peddler, the Sombrero Room (where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served), the Hot Dog stand, the Hot Tamale, Pedro’s Diner, or Pedro’s Ice Cream Fiesta.
After eating, guests can visit one of the many popular shops including Mexico Shop East, Mexico Shop West featuring Little Mexico, the Leather Shop, the Antiques store, and much more. A particular favorite of many tourists and locals alike is Rocket City and Fort Pedro, which boasts the largest stock of fireworks on the East Coast.
The Reptile Lagoon has quickly become a favorite destination of many people. In addition to the every day visitor, birthday parties and other special events are held at The Reptile Lagoon, which is available for rent.
Pedroland continues to provide plenty of entertainment for children of all ages with its carousel and other rides, arcade, and two 18-hole miniature golf courses.
One can’t leave without riding the Sombrero Tower, which carries visitors more than 200 feet into the sky. It has been said that the only thing better than riding to the top of the Sombrero Tower in the daylight is riding it at night, when all of the lights are on, which is said to be a spectacular sight.
Once you’re there don’t leave before dark. South of the Border is one of Dillon County’s most well-lit facilities and its neon lights at night make it a memorable sight to behold.
If you are looking for a stay-cation or a several day destination, look no further than South of the Border.
For more information, visit their website at www.thesouthoftheborder. com.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald