PTI Meeting Held

Submitted by Linda Gonzales Battle
Our fourth week PTI (Pre Trial Intervention) meeting was held on Monday, January 23, 2012, 7:00 p.m. at the Riverdale Community Center.
The purpose of this meeting is to sponsor a program by the Solicitor’s office called PTI, which consists of “First Time Offenders” who have been charged with non-violent crimes. This is an eight program that consists of various speakers who share their ideas. In these sessions, there is a question and answer session.
The meeting was opened by Rev. Michael Battle, Chaplain, with prayer. He introduced the graduate and speakers.
There was one graduate. He gave a required 250 words plus essay, stating, “What PTI Means to Me,” which was well received.
He was very appreciative to the staff and speakers for their continual support.
Joe Williams, President, reiterated the requirements for the PTI Program. He introduced the staff and their responsibilities to the new participants. In closing, Mr. Williams encouraged the participants to listen to the speakers and take heed to their comments.
Larry Abraham, Chief Deputy Sheriff, told the participants that they will be required to give a speech just like the graduate, after the completion of eight weeks of this program. He also stated that he wanted to prepare them for their speech by giving the opportunity to talk about themselves for two minutes. He gave them an example by giving background on himself. The participants gave their speeches and were well received.

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