Dillon City Council Meets

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon City Council held its regular meeting in March. The following items were discussed:
-Mayor Todd Davis said the litter along I-95 looks a lot better and that now we need to work on the neighborhoods. He said if the public does their part, it will make the city a much better place to live.
-Mayor Davis said the city does not have a say in which roads are paved.
-Mayor Davis said he thought the city ought to look into a texting and driving ordinance.
-Mayor Davis said he has seen marked improvement in the golf cart situation.
-Animal control was discussed. (See related story on www.thedillonherald.com under Government)
-Florence Builders gave a quote on the swimming pool at the Wellness Center based on the original drawings. The quote was $1.3 million. This is about $1 million more than it would be to put in the racquetball courts. Councilman Phil Wallace said there was no comparison when one considers what the pool can do for the community.
-Health insurance was disucssed.
Other matters were also mentioned during the course of the meeting.

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