Editorial: Positive Things

Every now and again, it’s good to be reminded of some of the positive things that are happening in Dillon County. Lately, we have had our share of positive news. Let’s review some of it.
Congratulations to Beth Hinson, who is one of the State Teacher of the Year finalists. This is a wonderful honor and perhaps with this state recognition she will help shed some of the negative attention that has been focused on the district due to “The Corridor of Shame” label. A great many positive things happen in our schools, and she is just an example of this.
The Dillon County Wellness Center is celebrating its fourth anniversary. Many people see the Wellness Center as an asset to the community and with the public’s support it can grow even larger and offer more in the future.
Congratulations are also in order for Dillon County Council Chairman Archie Scott who was recently elected to the S.C. Association of Counties board. As a representative on this board, he has the opportunity to put a positive light on Dillon County.
Kudos to the Town of Latta for promoting clean neighborhoods. Their annual clean-up on April 9th along with bringing a large dumpster in for citizens to place their unwanted trash that they can’t normaly dump should help the town put its best foot forward at their upcoming Latta Springfest.
There are a number of students in Dillon County who are showing they care through their charitable activities and service projects. Examples of this include Lake View High School Students who collected funds for the Leukemnia and Lymphoma Society and the Dillon Christian School students who spent a week in Costa Rica on a mission trip.
The work of our local clubs and organizations continues to be recognized on the pages of The Herald along with the good work being done by many of our churches. Many of these people work countless hours all in an effort to make our community a better place.
Many more things could probably be named in this editorial, but these are just a few of the things that have recently made the news. Write us and let us know about the people and organizations that are making a difference.