Council Chairman To Appear In Court On Nov. 15th

The date for County Council  Chairman to appear in court has been reset for November 15th at 9:30 a.m. at the Dillon County Courthouse.
Judge Paul Burch had ordered Williamson into court on September 21st, but that date was later delayed.
The order came after Judge Paul Burch read and considered an affidavit for a rule to show cause in Dillon County, a body politic and corporate by and through its members of County Council, Macio Williamson, Et. Al. vs. John Doe, a citizen of Dillon County.
The order stated that Williamson shall appear in the Dillon County Court of Common Pleas at the Dillon County Courthouse  “to show cause, if any you can why you should not be held in Contempt of Court for violating the Order of this Court  dated June 1, 2010.”

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