Mayor Speaks Out On Public-Private Partnership Board

By Betsy Finklea
Dillon Mayor Todd Davis spoke out about the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Economic Development Board at the Dillon City Council’s meeting on Monday night.
Davis, an ex-officio member of the board, said that so far he had been quiet about it, but that politics had gotten so injected into the process that it has contaminated the whole thing.
The board has not met to Davis’ knowledge, and he has spoken to other board members and they have not received any calls or information about meeting.
Davis said it’s a shame on the powers-that-be when the economy is so slow that nothing is going on with this board.
“Somebody needs to be called on it,” said Davis.  “It’s embarrassing.”
One council member asked who was responsible for contacting the board and getting it going.  Davis said no one seems to know.
Davis said he thought it would be a common courtesy to let the board members at least know what is going on.  “Politics has set the whole thing back,” he said.
Davis said he doesn’t want to have a negative tone, and he hopes that by next month, he will have something to report to council.

Note: The Herald was informed on Wednesday that the board has scheduled a meeting for Friday, September 17th.

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