Library’s GrandFamily Resource Center Opening

The Dillon County Library is proud to announce the newest thing going on at the library: GrandFamily Resource Center.
The GrandFamily Resource Center is funded by the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), created by the South Carolina State Library in partnership with public libraries in South Carolina.
Its function is to create one location in a community where resources for Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren can be housed.
It is important that this be more than a collection of resources but a collection that provides the personal support and related programs to the clients as they come to look for information.
Grandparents are stepping into the parent role again when there are no other options. There is no reason to lose a whole generation of children especially when there are resources in a community to assist.
There is an important need in this state. The numbers are on the rise.
GrandFamily Resource Centers are built on a successful model which can provide resources and support to enhance the lives of grandparent-headed families.
Please join us at Open House any time during the week of September 20-24.
For more information call our headquarters- Dillon County Main Library at 843-774-0330.