Letter To The Editor: Megadumps


To The Editor:
Do you love your families, your offspring, yourself?  Would you let someone bury something on our ground that will eventually poison our water and mess up our air and make the land no good forever?  Why mess up our chosen grounds with some of the best weather in all of the 50 states?  If you don’t believe the average American, go to Bishopville, SC and first smell and then look up at the mountain of trash and garbage.
It was said at the time that DHEC said yes to the companies and corporations when the people voted no, and all this with our legislators and senators having agreed with DHEC, as far as we know.
To all our pastors and clergymen, God gave us the earth with clean air, water and grounds.  If we as his people, don’t take care of it and let the devil come in and poison it when we could have stopped hi, then we are at fault.  To tell this to your flock is not out of line.  Some of us need to be schooled or educated on this matter.
If citizens had met and been educated about the health hazards, cancer, low birthrate, leukemia and lung disease early, we could have kept mega dumps and large landfills out of our great state.
I look at it this way; I will be 82 this year and I fight because I am on the Lord’s side.  All of South Carolina needs to get involved.  Marlboro County, Bennettsville specifically is the place of promise, blessings and flavor for the rest of my life.
Let those who come after me enjoy all of S.C.  So wake citizens of Marlboro County and look what your sister state of NC has done; they threw the megadump out.  Lord knows I am not in this by myself.
John T. Nickoless
Bennettsville, SC

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