Letter To The Editor: Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery

To The Editor:
On March 20, 1944 My Father, H.G. Hodges purchased Lot 752 from  THE RIVERSIDE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION
It is common knowledge-through the years that each family is responsible for the up-keep of their burial plot. We have done that through the years.
In 2003, we had the plot covered with granite rocks to save on the up-keep and for beautification.
My Father passed in May of 1979. We still took care of the plot.
In August of 2009 Mother passed-I was told that I needed to pay THE RIVERSIDE ASSOCIATION $350.00 I chose not to pay as our plot did not require up-keep.
In June of 2010 my Aunt passed–She had bought her plot at an early age-as not to be worried about where she would be laid to rest.
To say the least-we were told that she could not be buried until the $350.00 was paid.
In 1944, Walker Floyd was President and Treasurer of THE RIVERSIDE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION. I would like to know how and who makes the rules and who decide who the Officers are and will be.
In talking with family and friends-I cannot in my mind understand that it would be legal for the Association to demand this payment.
In meeting with friends and family everyone is-to say the least-very upset about this matter.
It is shocking to Families at this time who have lost a loved one-then are told that they have to pay this FEE of $350.00 (it is not an option) when they think that the Cemetery Plot is taken care of.
My family is blessed and could pay this fee but there are some families that are not so Blessed that it could bring hardship for them.
To demand this fee is inconsiderate and insensitive. I think that you need to reconsider and maybe a different approach.
Gail H. Woodle
Dillon, S.C. 29536

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