Letter To The Editor: A True Crime

A True Crime

Dear Editor:
The sight was a shock.  How short sighted can we be?  I had to write a letter to protest the mutilation of the two rare and priceless live oak trees on Jackson Street beside the hospital in Dillon.  There is so little beauty in Dillon and yet we allow what little beauty there is to be destroyed in the name of what?  There can be no justification for this.  Does no one in charge realize the value of beauty to our citizens?  It took more than 300 years to grow these trees and they cannot be replaced.
I have walked home from work at the hospital many evenings and marveled at these two majestic trees.  These trees were treasures of this community that belonged to its citizens and it is a true crime against our citizens to allow their destruction.
All I can say is what a shame.  Our community is now so much the less without them.  I don’t know who made this decision, but it was a foolish one.  It makes our town a uglier place to live.  Who wants to visit much less live in a place without natural beauty?
Lesa Bethea
Dillon, SC

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