Council For Aging Holds Annual Meeting

The following are the minutes from the annual meeting of the Dillon County Council for the Aging.

Present: Ms. Mary Wilkes, Mrs. Judy Sanderson, Mr. Heyward Thompson, Ms. Betsy Finklea, Ms. Dorothy Bethea, Mr. Bobby McLean, Ms. Katie Paul, Mr. Isaiah Collington, Mrs. Jeanette Freitas, Mrs. Joni Spivey. Excused: Mrs. Cindy Causey

Joni Spivey called the meeting to order welcoming everyone- opening with a prayer from Isaiah Collington.

Mr. Heyward Thompson, nominating chairperson- spoke with all board members and with the exception of Mr. John Harlow- they are agreed to serve on the Council on Aging Board another term.  Mr. John Harlow resigned.  Ms. Katie Paul- a new member, has accepted the position to serve on the Council on Aging board for a one year term.  Mr. Bobby McLean made a motion to accept the board members for the year 2010-2011.  Ms. Dorothy Bethea seconded the motion.  Everyone agreed.

The meeting was turned over to Isaiah Collington-Vice Chair.

Mr. Collington introduced the guest speakers for the annual meeting, Major Hulon-Sheriff and two assistants, Deputy Brenda Campbell and Deputy Kim Brumble.

Sheriff  Hulon said how much he appreciated the seniors of Dillon County.  He and his staff presented a video of “Crime Alert” for seniors.  Scam and criminals target seniors.  Kim presented a video that was helpful ideas on what to watch for in your neighborhood.  Also, to protect to your identity on telephone calls that are made to your home.  A lot of areas in Dillon County have “Neighborhood Crime Watch.”  She stressed to them if they see anything unusual in their area, do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Office.  They will come check it out.  Brenda is always out in the area of Dillon promoting crime prevention.  Things to look for and things not to do for their safety.

Joni thanked them for coming and presenting a wonderful video and ideas for the seniors.

Joni recognized the Board Members for the Council on Aging for 2010-2011 with a gift of appreciation:  Heyward Thompson, Judy Sanderson, Mary Wilkes, Isaiah Collington, Dorothy Bethea, Betsy Finklea, Katie Paul, Bobby McLean and Cindy Causey-Chairperson.

Joni recognized volunteers for the Council on Aging with a framed certificate and gift of appreciation.

They are: Edward Brown, George Russ, Novella Dixon, Ellen Bryant, Jean Hubbard, Margaret McCall, Idella Ratley, Ida Washington, Millia Alford, Hazel Barney, Mamie Manning, Roger Luce, Annie Grice, Essie Moultrie, Eloise Page, Maxine Wilkes, Blanche Alford, Kathlene Thompson.

Joni informed everyone that Council on Aging had received the cut-away bus and all clients enjoyed riding the new bus.  Thanks goes to the S.C. Department of Transportation and First Citizens Bank for making it happen.

Mr. Thompson made a motion that the minutes from March be accepted and Mr. McLean seconded the motion.  Everyone approved.

Jeanette Freitas handed out the financial reports through April and asked each board member to review and call her if they had any questions or comments.

Mr. Bobby McLean asked the blessing and lunch was provided.  Meeting adjourned.