Dillon PDRTA Driver Wins State Award

Amy Ragin has been named for the South Carolina Department of Transportation Best Driver Of The Year – Transit System award.
Born and reared in Dillon, Ragin has been employed by PDRTA since June, 2006.
Family-oriented and with the proverbial “heart of gold”, Ragin has been an exemplary PDRTA driver from the very beginning. She received PDRTA’s Employee of the Month award in July, 2008, and in 2009 received an Employee of the Month award for two different months, March and September. Both of the 2009 awards were for Ms. Ragin’s exceptional customer care with a PDRTA client.
In March, 2009, Ragin began what appeared to be a routine day, going to pick up a female dialysis client. As the client exited her home, Ragin noticed that the client did not look well. Despite the client’s saying that she was alright, Ragin insisted on calling 911. When EMS arrived, they determined that the client was having a heart attack. Had it not been for Ragin’s observation and quiet insistence, the positive outcome for this client might well have been very different.
Ragin continued to transport the same client after her release from the hospital following her heart attack. Six months later, on September 11, 2009, the client did not come out of the house when Ragin arrived. Concerned, Ragin went to the door and knocked. Ragin heard the client’s voice asking her to wait a minute, followed by the client’s scream. Ragin opened the door and found the client on the floor. Again Ragin immediately called 911 and waited for EMS to arrive and treat the client. Fortunately, the client made a recovery. The client’s family has continuously expressed their gratitude for Ragin’s actions. The client continues to ride with PDRTA and of course wants only Ragin to be her driver!

In its orientation and training program, PDRTA provides passenger assistance, sensitivity, ADA, and other customer service training in addition to certifying drivers in First Aid and CPR. PDRTA also recognizes that our best drivers are those who not only provide quality transportation, but also take the initiative to deliver customer care. One of the strongest reasons for having the same drivers regularly transport the same clients is because of the “human connection” our drivers make with our clients. Whether being transported by fixed route bus or cutaway, drivers are urged to observe our passengers and report any conditions that may warrant assistance.
Ragin’s actions in March and September demonstrate our “Go the Extra Mile” philosophy and make her the ideal recipient of the Best Driver of the Year – Transit System.

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