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Looking for gardening tips and information? Callen Outen, Consumer Horticulturist for the Dillon County Clemson Extension Service, answers all your questions on various gardening topics in The Garden Spot.

Common Buttonbush

Common buttonbush, also referred to as honey-bells, is a deciduous shrub that was cultivated for a pollen and nectar source for honeybees.

Virginia Sweetspire

Virginia sweetspire (Itea virginica) is native shrub from eastern Texas up to New Jersey and thrives throughout South Carolina.


Kalanchoe is a very popular house plant that is usually on sale during late winter and spring months.


Nutsedges are a very persistent and aggressive weed that commonly infests lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, and home landscapes.

Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening is a simple method that turns kitchen scraps, yard waste, and newspapers into layers of rich and nutritious soil.

Live Christmas Trees

As December draws near, many people are eager to start decorating their homes for the Christmas season. If you decorate with a live Christmas tree, follow these tips for keeping your Christmas tree healthy over the holidays.


Every fall, a free resource for gardeners falls from trees. Many homeowners rake leaves into piles, bag them up, and haul them away, however, leaves have many benefits in the landscape.

Harvesting Pecans

Are you one of those lucky homeowners who has pecan trees in their yard? Ever get tired of bending over and picking up all those nuts?

Planting Deer Resistant Fall Bulbs

Tired of deer eating your plants? Deer love to eat tulips and lilies. It’s almost like there is a neon sign saying “Eat Here!” Consider planting these deer resistant bulbs this fall that will be very attractive and provide you with beautiful spring color.

Blueberry Plants

Blueberry plants are often neglected after all the blueberries have been harvested.