Category: The Garden Spot

A gardening column by Callen Outen, Consumer Horticulturist for Clemson Extension Service

Cover Crops

Cover crops or “green manures” are not harvested, but instead contribute to soil improvement where they are planted.

Crimson Clover

Crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) is an annual and is well adapted to the warm climates of South Carolina.

Fall Webworms

There are two caterpillars in our region, the eastern tent caterpillar and the fall webworm.

Attracting Butterflies To Your Yard

Attracting butterflies to your yard can be a simple task. Utilizing adult nectar sources and larval (caterpillar) host plants are key.


Azaleas are a common plant in the South Carolina landscape. There are numerous azalea species, hybrids, and cultivars that are either native to this area or to the Middle East.


Gardenias are not the easiest shrub to grow, but their beautiful white flowers make up for the extra attention they require.


Blackberries are a great addition to your backyard garden. They are easy to grow, produce plentiful fruits that are highly nutritious and very healthy.

Insecticidal Soaps

Insecticidal soaps are a safe, effective and low toxic alternative to the more toxic pesticides used to control many undesirable insects in your garden.


Caladiums are annuals in South Carolina and are native to Central and South America.

Summer Squash

Summer squash (Cucurbita pepo) is a warm-season crop that can be planted from seed or transplants. In South Carolina, summer squash has two plant