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Columns by Sarah Stubbs

Special Love

I never knew my paternal grandparents. My grandfather died before I was born, and my grandmother died when I was two years old.

Daddy’s Hands

Holly Dunn, a former Country Music songwriter and singer wrote the song Daddy’s Hands as a Father’s Day gift for her daddy.

Child’s Play

There are many times I feel sorry for the children of today. There are many things they have missed doing, especially when it comes to playing.

Good Intentions

An old proverb states “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I am glad it is just a proverb, or I would be “busting hell wide open” with all my good intentions. I have the best of intentions but the follow through is almost non-existent.

Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, I will forever be thankful for the “mom” God chose for me. My mama, Odessa Stubbs, was a lady who loved the Lord, loved her husband, and loved her children.

I Think I Can

Do you remember the book The Little Engine that Could? When the Little Engine encountered an obstacle, he would say, “I think I can, I think I can.” That is not the phrase I tend to use when I encounter obstacles; my phrase is more along the lines of, “I will never be able to do that!”

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a season of beauty: pretty and colorful flowers, the reappearance of green lawns, and spring cleaning.


The death of another person should not bring joy to us, but the death of Jesus Christ, and his resurrection, is a cause of celebration for all Christians.


My maternal grandmother, Anzie Ford, died at the age of 88. She had a heart attack at home and lived for several days in the hospital. Until then, she had never been in the hospital. In fact, she had seldom been to a doctor. I do not recall that she was ever very sick – just a cold once in a while.

Life On A Dairy Farm

I am a real cowgirl. Really, I am. For the first 15 years of my life, my daddy owned a dairy farm.