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The personal reflections and commentary of Bishop Michael Goings, a well-known pastor and author, on local, state, national, and international issues

The Isis Threat

As a person who has been privileged to travel to various parts of the globe, due to the mandate of God on my life to help fulfill the Great Commission, I naturally have flashbacks of those exotic places that I have visited when they are featured in the news.  

John Roundtree: A Man Larger Than Life

Occasionally, I come upon a story that is moving, remarkable, and worthy of sharing with others.  

Better Half

I constantly hear husbands and men refer to their “better half.”  Many married men use this informal term to reference their wives.  

Two People Who Had It All And Blew It

Routinely, when we read a story about people in the newspaper, it is a success story about some great achievement, except for the ones written about people who have committed a serious crime.

The White Presence In Newtown

Although it may be difficult to grasp now, there was once a time when many white people lived in New Town.  From all indications, whites were some of the first residents of New Town.  

Growing Old In Newtown

In my previous article, I shared my intentions to present to you some excerpts from my forthcoming autobiographical book, “Growing Old in New Town,” that is scheduled to be released this fall.  

What Will Real Preachers Do?

The Supreme Court has ordered that homosexuals be legally allowed and not forbidden to marry. At this time, religious organizations are exempt from marrying them.

The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Does Not Make It Right

I should have known it was coming; however, I hoped and even prayed that it never would occur.  That which millions of us red-blooded and law abiding American citizens feared has come upon us.  Five mere people, who were appointed, not elected, made a judicial decision recently to legalize same sex marriages in all fifty states.  

Beyond the Hallowed Walls

Perhaps everyone needs some time of relaxing or lounging when they have nothing to do, but what they want to do (as long as it is not illegal, immoral, or intrudes upon the privacy and right of others).  On this particular morning (the day of this writing), I fully intended to do just that.

Focus On Fathers

Not many weeks ago, I did an article that was written to celebrate the essential role that mother’s play in both our family units and communities.