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Frugal Freddie And Extravagant Eddie

There once lived a man in an ancient and very advanced city called Grandeur.

We Must Practice What We Preach

Though I do not make it a practice to make New Year’s resolutions, I am a staunch believer in making plans and setting goals for the future.

Newtown Brothers Who Are Beating The Odds

Every now and then, I come across a story or piece of information that I feel will be worth commenting on and writing about. I

Never Grow Old

0 I recently celebrated a birthday that got me to thinking. The thought that I gave much contemplation to was this: Am I growing old or getting older? There is a vast difference in one who grows old and one who grows older. By that statement, I am not implying like some who assert that…

Exemplifying The True Meaning Of Christmas

In my column today, which will be the last one before Christmas, I want to focus your attention on the true spirit of Christmas.

Why Is Christmas My Favorite Holiday?

With the Christmas season and all of its songs, decorations, displays, and dramatic renditions already at full blast, I thought it very appropriate and seasonal to devote my column today and next week to subjects pertaining to the yuletide season.

A Day That Shall Live In Infamy

On this day in history seventy-six years ago, America was attacked by the empire of Japan. It is a day that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared would live in infamy.

Why All Americans Should Be Thankful

With the official holiday of Thanksgiving being just a few days away, I thought it very appropriate to dedicate my column today to an attempt to venerate this uniquely and very American holiday.

Should Christians Bear Arms?

Call it coincidence, happenstance, prophetic, or whatever term you prefer to ascribe to what I am about to share with you.

Invaluables More Precious Than Gold

If you have been reading my column for some time, perhaps you have already discovered that I enjoy addressing issues that deal with the practical aspects of life – things that are common to most people.