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The Last Warning

Not many days ago, I lost a very special friend and associate. In my opinion, his passing was premature and probably could have been avoided had he heeded the warning signs that were flashing all around him.

Enduring The Dog Days Of Summer

Unquestionably one of the most dreaded and unwelcomed times of the year in our locale is from the first of July through the first of September.

Dillon Football Players: Where Are They Now?

A few weeks ago, I saw a young man in one of my favorite early morning stops where I routinely frequent to get a mug of their coffee.

Mama’s Boy

In my column last week, I shared with you how much I am like my father. Though there was a time when I sought to deny or even disown what the Almighty had bequeathed me through genetics, these striking similarities are both in appearance and disposition.

Like Father, Like Son

I recently met a woman at one of our local convenience stores with whom I struck up a brief conversation.

The Positive Effect Of Ethnic Diversity

The term “melting pot” was popularized by an immigrant and playwright named Israel Zang will through a play he wrote by the same name in 1908.

Why All Americans Should Be Patriotic

With the approaching of the Fourth of July, our most celebrated national holiday that commemorates the birth of this nation, I believe it is very appropriate to address an issue that ties in with the celebration and the holiday.

Fathers Who Are Polar Opposites Of Deadbeat Dads

I am writing this Father’s Day commentary after having a phone conversation with one of my goddaughters who lives in Virginia.

Why We Prefer Bad News Over Good News

Some years ago, an innovative idea was launched by a group of people in the broadcasting and media industry. Their brainchild was to start a network that would only report and feature good news.

The Pros And Cons Of Summertime

With the summer season quickly approaching and the heat and humidity of late spring forecasting that this year’s summer is going to be a scorcher, I thought it would be timely to devote my column today to the season of summer and all of its likes and dislikes.