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The Sights, Smells, And Sounds Of Spring

With the recent arrival of spring, with all of its new life springing up all around us in both the animal and plant domains, there are sights, sounds, and smells that come with the season that are more prominent now than at any other time of the year.

The Pleasure And Pain Of Recall

Without any doubt or debate, two of the greatest memories that are etched in stone in my mind are memories of my late sister, Cynthia Joan Goings.

What’s Going On?: A Clash Of World Views

Back in the year of 1971, the prince of the Motown sound, the late, great crooner and soul balladist, Marvin Gaye, released a song in the form of a question entitled, “What’s Going On?”

Warning Signs: Ignoring Them Could Prove Disastrous

The idea to write about the subject that appears as the heading of my column today came a few weeks ago as I stood and watched a very special friend of mine who was in the critical unit of our hospital.

The Outcry Of My Native American Blood

Just looking at me or any of my siblings, you would not be able to detect any of our American Indian features, except you knew what to look for, as one lady did who was half Native American and half-White.  

A Great Civil Rights Activist

Michael Goings column

It would be a miscarriage of justice and a downright act of historical negligence to let this month of Black History pass without paying tribute to perhaps one of our greatest Civil Rights activists.  

Venerable Institutions That Shaped Black America

To be perfectly honest, I had no intentions to write about the subject you are reading about in my column today.  

Commentary: Things We Have Not Overcome

“Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe…  We shall overcome some day!”

My View Of Capital Punishment

The case of Dylann Roof and the drama and controversy surrounding his ultimate verdict of being found guilty and sentenced to be put to death has rekindled in me a great interest in the issue of the death penalty.

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

There are many people in our locale who are doing some amazing things in order to serve and make life better for others.