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Why We Prefer Bad News Over Good News

Some years ago, an innovative idea was launched by a group of people in the broadcasting and media industry. Their brainchild was to start a network that would only report and feature good news.

The Pros And Cons Of Summertime

With the summer season quickly approaching and the heat and humidity of late spring forecasting that this year’s summer is going to be a scorcher, I thought it would be timely to devote my column today to the season of summer and all of its likes and dislikes.

A Clear And Present Shame

Perhaps one of the most deplorable and disgraceful sights that my eyes constantly behold is the group of young men who gather daily at two certain sites on an anonymous street in Newtown.

Part 2: The Great Migration

In nature, the migration of animals is quite common place, especially on the great plains of eastern and western Africa.

Why Mothers Receive More Honor Than Fathers

Due to the fact that Mother’s Day is only a few days away, it is only fitting that I devote my column today in an effort or expression of honor to mothers.

Hilarious Happenings In The House Of God

Over the years that extends as far back as my memory will take me, I have been privileged to have been brought up going to church on a weekly and consistent basis.

Is Complexion Still An Issue Among African-Americans?

To be perfectly honest, the idea for this commentary came from comments made by both Golden State Warriors’ star, Draymond Green, and sports analyst and commentator, Stephen A. Smith, in regard to Warriors’ superstar, Stephen Curry.

The Sights, Smells, And Sounds Of Spring

With the recent arrival of spring, with all of its new life springing up all around us in both the animal and plant domains, there are sights, sounds, and smells that come with the season that are more prominent now than at any other time of the year.

The Pleasure And Pain Of Recall

Without any doubt or debate, two of the greatest memories that are etched in stone in my mind are memories of my late sister, Cynthia Joan Goings.

What’s Going On?: A Clash Of World Views

Back in the year of 1971, the prince of the Motown sound, the late, great crooner and soul balladist, Marvin Gaye, released a song in the form of a question entitled, “What’s Going On?”