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Libby’s Recipes: Slow Cooker Pot Roast

As we have gone back to cold weather, how about some comfort food?

The Outcry Of My Native American Blood

Just looking at me or any of my siblings, you would not be able to detect any of our American Indian features, except you knew what to look for, as one lady did who was half Native American and half-White.  

A Great Civil Rights Activist

Michael Goings column

It would be a miscarriage of justice and a downright act of historical negligence to let this month of Black History pass without paying tribute to perhaps one of our greatest Civil Rights activists.  

The Chattooga River

chattooga 036

We have all experienced days that become lifetime memories, and waking up in a tent knowing that the day’s journey will be one to remember is an exciting feeling.

Venerable Institutions That Shaped Black America

To be perfectly honest, I had no intentions to write about the subject you are reading about in my column today.  

Libby’s Recipes: Chicken Noodle Soup

Karen was home sick several days last week and wanted chicken soup. After looking at several recipes, I put this version together and it turned out pretty well. Actually, Keith had three bowls at one sitting —and Keith is the Mikey of our family.

Commentary: Things We Have Not Overcome

“Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe…  We shall overcome some day!”

Safe Kids: Burns And Scalds

The smell of cookies baking in the oven or delicious sauces simmering on the stovetop is hard to resist for kids but too many are suffering from burns and scalds that could be prevented.

Lucky Strikes: Round One

The Striper become one of my favorite fish species to target. The aggressive strike will knock the paint off of a lure, and the deceiving fight is always greater than the fish’s actual size.

February Is Pet Dental Month

Did you know that over 85% of dogs and 50% of cats over the age of 4 have some degree of dental disease?