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The Fear Factor

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” —- Franklin D. Roosevelt
The preceding statement was made by Franklin D. Roosevelt when he was running against Herbert Hoover, the incumbent Republican president, in 1932.

Liar, Liar: The Pinnochio Psychosis

In a true sense, the content of this column today goes back to the dawn of human history.

S.C. History: The Charleston-Hamburg Line

On October 2, 1833, workers for the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company (SCC&RR) completed a 136-mile railroad from Charleston to Hamburg.

Blackout Shrimping

The South Carolina Shrimp Baiting Season came in on Friday, September 8, at noon. Hunter Jordan, Richard Calhoun, and myself planned a trip to Georgetown on Friday night to try our luck.

Doing Your Best: The Key To Success

I recently received a call from a young man, who was born and raised in our locale, who now lives in Virginia with his wife and children.

Father Time And Mother Nature: Indomitable And Unpredictable

n light of the recent natural catastrophes that occurred in Texas, Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean, it set me to thinking about how finite and frail human beings are in spite of our technology, ingenuity, and many discoveries and breakthroughs in science that have been made over the last two hundred years.

Tarpon Action In Georgetown

I was pulling the boat out of the water in McLellanville after a discouraging two day search for Tarpon when a bottlenose dolphin poked his head out of the water hoping to receive some leftover bait.

How To Deal With Scam Calls

0 Some scammers just don’t quit. They’ve called you on multiple occasions pitching you the same message after you have repeatedly asked to be put on the do-not-call list. You’ve tried blocking them, but they call from all sorts of different numbers! What can you do? According to BBB Scam Tracker, over 5,700 scams involving…

Contempt For Litterbugs And Vandals

After reading the recent account of County Councilman Archie Scott’s presentation about the bathroom at the Riverdale Park being damaged by vandals, I felt compelled to join in the effort and outcry against such gross stupidity and destruction of public property.

National Grandparents Day

The Sunday after Labor Day we have an opportunity to “Do Something Grand.” That’s when our country observes National Grandparents Day.