Category: Special Interest

First Billfish

Several years ago when we had our offshore fishing boat, Cooper Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Dawson Jordan, Ryan Stephens, and I planned a trip to Georgetown to fish in the Gulf Stream.

Momma’s Hurting Feet

Every now and then, I come across a story that is very moving and worthy of sharing with others. Such is the case that you are about to read in my column today.

Unforgettable Moms

I am going to dedicate my column today to sharing some memorable and truly remarkable thoughts about, arguably, the one person in most of our lives who have been indispensable.

An Alarming Reality

There have been only a few things that have happened in our locale that have captured my attention and have disturbed me as much as the recent violence and slayings of youth killing youth.

Chasing Red Drum In The Delta

I haven’t launched the skiff in Georgetown since the fall and was glad to be back in the East’s most remote section of coastline.

The Four Basic Steps To Food Safety

Having the right kitchen equipment will make your life easier when practicing four food safety steps: clean, separate, cook and chill.

Why I Pray For The President

When the idea to write this article came to me, I immediately began to consider some of the negative feedback that I may receive from various people, especially the ones to whom I am close.

The Ugliest Rifle In The World

Several years ago a friend purchased a very nice rifle for his son.

Restoring The Sacredness Of Easter

From a biblical perspective, there are two events in the annals of human history that have priority over all others. Both of them involve Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior of the World and Founder of Christianity. These events were His birth and Resurrection.

Keep It Simple

Fishing can be as complicated or as simple as the fisherman makes it. People have special knots, floats, weights, rigs, and lures that they believe in. The basic rules are that fish like structure and that live, natural bait is usually better than artificial bait.