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Evolving Priorities and Values of Baby Boomers

Immediately following World War II, which was won by what has come to be called our greatest generation, was a rapid growth of new babies in America.

A Tale Of Two Characters

Even as my column last week was spun by the unfortunate arrival of Hurricane Florence to our area with all of the disruptive and even detrimental effect that it unleashed upon us, my article today is likewise a result of the costly storm.

Lessons Learned From The Storm

Of all the names they could have chosen for the recent hurricane that brought much devastation, discomfort, and disruption to many in our area and beyond, they named it Florence.

Stay Out Of Woods

Except the Sovereign One decrees it, the comments I share today in my column will never be considered for a Pulitzer Prize or any other prestigious literary award.

Practice Food Safety After Power Outage

Hurricanes present the possibility of power outages and flooding that can compromise the safety of stored food.
Residents in the path of this storm should pay close attention to the forecast. FSIS recommends that consumers take the following steps to reduce food waste and the risk of foodborne illness during this and other severe weather events.

Whitewater Fishing

While the striper remained in the cold water of the Saluda River for spawning, Dawson Jordan, Ryan Stephens, and I planned a mounted canoe trip to test our luck against the fish.

Irregulars Among Us

My column today is dedicated to a class of people with whom we are all familiar. They are a very unique type who exist among us in our families, schools, jobs, churches, and every aspect of our culture.

Healthy And Safe School Lunch Tips Offered

It’s the start of the new school year, which means new teachers, a bunch of homework assignments and the never-ending dilemma of what to include to make a healthy and safe school lunch.

Parents’ Roles For This School Year

As we are entering into another school term for students in grades K through 12, my mind takes me back to when I was a student at Gordon Elementary and High School, respectively.

Gordon High’s Unforgettable Class Of 1967

In an endeavor to keep the rich history and memory of Gordon High School alive, I will periodically devote my column to achieving that task.