Category: Poll Results

Downtown Housing

0 LATEST POLLS Do you think the City of Dillon should pursue getting apartments/housing in the Main Street business district? Maybe (1%, 3 Votes) Yes (19%, 48 Votes) No (80%, 206 Votes) Total Voters: 257

Flu Shot

0 Are you getting a flu shot this year? Maybe (5%, 3 Votes) No (29%, 16 Votes) and Yes (65%, 36 Votes) Total Voters: 55

Poll Results: Home Economics

Do you think that today’s students still need classes such as home economics?


Do you think you are hurricane-ready if a future event occurs?

Poll Results: Golf Course

Do you think the City of Dillon should purchase the golf course, instead of continuing to lease it, to enable them to have more access to grants, etc., to use for it?

Poll Results: State Title

Which team do you think has the greatest chance to win a state title this year?

Poll Results: Restaurant

Do you think that Dillon County citizens would support a family-style, sit-down chain restaurant?

Poll Results: Hotel

0 Do you think the City of Dillon has a need for a hotel or more upscale accommodations for visitors? Maybe (0%, 2 Votes) Do not know or care (0%, 3 Votes) No (49%, 550 Votes) Yes (51%, 567 Votes) Total Voters: 1,122

Poll Results: I-73

Do you think I-73 will benefit Dillon County?

Poll Results: Hurricane Season

An above-normal Atlantic hurricane season is expected. Are you making early preparations such as collecting disaster supplies, etc.?