Category: Poll Results


Would you support mandatory, full-scale recycling in Dillon County?

Sunday Alcohol Sales

Would you be in favor of Sunday alcohol sales if it brought a chain restaurant such as a steakhouse or a similar type of restaurant to our county?

POLL RESULTS: Cultural Activities

Do you feel that enough cultural events and activities are offered in Dillon County?

Poll Results: Chickens In City Limits

Where do you stand on chickens in city limits?

Poll Results: High School Football

Are you ready for high school football season to start?

Fire Service

Would you be willing to pay a significant tax increase to fund the county fire service needs for the various departments such as new trucks, new equipment, additions to buildings, etc?

Poll Results: Primary Election Results

Were you happy with the June 12th Primary Election results?

Poll Results: Farm Animals

Do you agree or disagree that the city needs an ordinance prohibiting the keeping and raising of farm animals in city limits?

Poll Results: Gas Prices and Summer Travel

Will the rising price of gas affect your summer travel plans? 0 Will the rising price of gas affect your summer travel plans? Maybe (10%, 7 Votes) Yes (38%, 28 Votes) No (52%, 38 Votes) Total Voters: 73

Poll Results: Wellness Center

What would you like to see as the next addition at the City of Dillon Wellness Center?