Category: Poll Results

Poll Results: Farm Animals

Do you agree or disagree that the city needs an ordinance prohibiting the keeping and raising of farm animals in city limits?

Poll Results: Gas Prices and Summer Travel

Will the rising price of gas affect your summer travel plans? 0 Will the rising price of gas affect your summer travel plans? Maybe (10%, 7 Votes) Yes (38%, 28 Votes) No (52%, 38 Votes) Total Voters: 73

Poll Results: Wellness Center

What would you like to see as the next addition at the City of Dillon Wellness Center?

Poll Results: Inland Port

How long do you think it will take for Inland Port Dillon to have an impact on the county?

Rising Price Of Gas

Is the rising price of gas affecting your travel habits?

Poll Results: Arming Teachers

Do you think teachers should be armed in the event school violence arises?

Sidewalk Sales

Should business owners on Dillon’s Main Street be allowed to have sidewalk sales?

Poll Results: Economic Developer

Do you think the county needs a professional economic developer?

Poll Results: Trump’s First Year

How would you rate President Donald Trump’s first year in office?

Poll Results: Direction

0 Are you happy with the direction that Dillon County as a whole (including our municipalities) is headed in? Maybe (1%, 4 Votes) Do not know or care (1%, 4 Votes) Yes (10%, 26 Votes) No (87%, 235 Votes) Total Voters: 269 Vote