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Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration Was Fun For All

0 To The Editor: Coleen and I had a fun time at the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration on Saint Patrick’s Day. The music and games for the children along with the many specialty tables and the Irish green decorations made it a wonderful celebration event for our downtown. It was great to see so many…

Kids Who Are Bullied In School

To the Editor:
I would like to express my opinion on kids being bullied in our schools today. Several of these kids commit suicide or take their hatred out on others such as school shootings.

What A Year!

0 To The Editor: Three hundred career victory, a perfect season, fifteen victories, and no defeats. Class 3-A football State Champions. You can’t get too much better than that. First I want to congratulate Coach Jackie Hayes on his three hundredth career victory. He accomplished this in twenty six years. That is an average of…

Agrees County Should Advertise For Economic Development Director

0 To The Editor: Yes, I agree that the County should advertise for an Economic Development Director. This person should be educated in this field and have had experience to do the job he or she was hired for. Peggy R. Todd 1175 Arnette Road Dillon, SC 29536

A Salute

Dear Editor,
The burial of Dillon native Lewis Rogers, Citadel Class of ’82, took place on 18 January 2018 in the cemetery of St. Paul United Methodist Church, a graceful old country church built in 1871 in nearby Little Rock.


To The Editor:
I just recently had an opportunity to speak with an old friend who I knew well about 20 years ago. I have written this letter in response to our conversation and also because last week was the anniversary of “Roe verses Wade” the decision that made abortion legal in America.

Economic Development Director Is Important Issue

Dear Editor:
Your Editorial could not have said it any better! We do need a Professional Economic Development Director.

Start Loving Each Other

To The Editor:
I have always wondered what kept Jesus on an old rugged cross, what made him go through so much pain

Congrats To The Wildcats

+1 Dear Editor, Ordinarily, I would utilize my column to express my perspective, opinions, and sentiments. I want to use this letter as an opportunity to convey my belated congratulations toward Coach Jackie Hayes, his coaching staff, and especially the Wildcats’ players for winning the 3A State Championship in such a masterful fashion. For not…

Letters To The Editor About The Deputy Administrator: 1/11/18

0 Questions About The Assistant County Administrator To The Editor: In response to Mr. Houston Manning’s letter to the Herald, I too have some questions concerning the Asst. County Administrator. Was this job advertised? How extensively? Were resumes collected and the most qualified hired? What were the requirements for this job? I understand the pay…