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Learning From The Ordeal

0 To The Editor: I write this letter to give my opinion on how we can grow and learn from the 2017-2018 Dillon County Budget ordeal. I want to say there is no doubt in my mind the court made a decision Thursday in favor of the taxpayers of Dillon County. Through this painstaking process,…

Debt Of Gratitude

+12 Editor’s Note: Richard Schafer, Chairman of the Dillon County Board of Education, is the father of Brandon Schafer. To The Editor: First off, I am thankful to the good Lord my father is ok after his accident. I have a small rant to get off my chest. I have held my tongue on this…

A Nation Looks Up

0 To The Editor Over the past several weeks, we in America have witnessed the depravity of fallen humanity in hostile outbursts of anger, hatred, and violence. But we have also witnessed remarkable examples of loving one’s neighbor in times of great need. Both events have captured our attention and left us confused and wondering…

Journey Was A Labor Of Love

0 Dear Editor: On Sunday afternoon, August 6th, I attended the Eagle Scout Award Ceremony at Main Street United Methodist Church. It was an impressive ceremony and I was proud of all of the the scouts participating. This was a real achievement for these young men and one that will serve them and their communities…

Trimming Overgrown Shrubbery Will Make Things Better And Safer

To The Editor:
Upon leaving Trico Water Company the other day, I noticed how the overgrown shrubbery had been completely removed at Calhoun Street. How nice, I thought, how we can see clearly both ways.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, Sir!

Today is one good example as to why we elected Mr. Trump as our Nations President. With this deal, he has now put back some sanity and order in what was an entirely mentally disturbed policy previously demand by another former President of the United States, President, Barack Obama.

The Kind Of Government We Need And Deserve

To The Editor:
As I sat crowded with many other concerned citizens in the venue of the County Council for its public meeting on June 28, 2017, I began to feel that I must be losing touch with reality.

The Best Solution For Dillon County

Dear Editor:
Thank you for your excellent editorial “More Than Just a Pathway,” which appeared in the June 22nd edition of The Dillon Herald.

Enough Of The Doom And Gloom

To The Editor:
In response to the yes or no question about I-73 being a good thing or a bad thing for Dillon County.

American Heritage White Eagle Motorycle Club Represents S.C. Well

To The Editor:
I would like to give a shout-out to the American Heritage White Eagle Motorcycle Club.