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You Got My Goat

Dear Editor:
The history of the saying “You got my goat” is accredited to owners of race horses that would put a goat in the stall with the horse, to calm the horse.

More On ‘Will Our Democracy Survive?’

To The Editor
of The Dillon Herald:
About: “Will Our Democracy Survive?”—Bishop Michael Goings [The Dillon Herald: May 23, 2019]

Response Given On Letter About “Will Our Democracy Survive?”

0 Response Given On Letter About “Will Our Democracy Survive?” Dear Editor, I am sending this letter to you in response to Gerald M. Berry’s response of Bishop Goings’ article on Will Our Democracy Survive? First, I want to say that I will not be as lengthy as Mr. Berry’s bias analysis and dissection of…

Response Given On Letter About “Will Our Democracy Survive?”

0 To the Editor: This is my response to the article written by Bishop Michael Goings, “Will Our Democracy Survive” May 23, 2019. My comments will also reference an opposing view written by Mr. Gerald M. Berry. Although, Mr. Berry admits to having read selective articles by Bishop Goings, it appears that this particular article…

Paws For The Arts Is Success

0 To The Editor: Carolinas Art Guild was formed in February 2018. Our mission was to bring art to the community by having monthly meetings with artists who demonstrated their work. Our programs have included painting, printmaking, quilting, photography (both I-Phone and camera photographs), woodworking, on-line art marketing, and acrylic pouring art. Artistic creativity abounds…

Support Local Endeavors

0 Dear Editor, First of all, I am not originally from Dillon, but my family and I have lived here for forty-three years. It is home. When we moved here everything I needed was available in Dillon. We had clothing stores, name brand (Belk) and local (The Red Chimney). We had local and name brand…

Freedom Is Not Free

To The Editor:
Remembering. I just watched the program at the White House. They honored all branches of service. It started with WWI and WWII. There are not many of those guys left. From d-day until now so many have died.

A Response To “Will Our Democracy Survive?”

To The Editor:
In the Thursday, May 23, 2019 issue of The Dillon Herald, Bishop Michael Goings titled his column, “Will Our Democracy Survive?”

Protect Our Coast

To The Editor:
The people of the Pee Dee have long enjoyed the coastal areas of South Caroline.

Hall Of Fame

0 Letter to the Editor: I want to take this opportunity to thank the Latta School District, Dr. John Kirby, Superintendent; Mr. William Kyle Berry, Board Chairman; Latta School Board members, Mr. George Liebenrood, Assistant Superintendent; and the Latta School District Athletic Hall of Fame committee for the creation of the Latta School District Athletic…