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MADD: Still A Long Way To Go

To The Editor:
I am starting my 27th year as a volunteer for MADD Darlington County, S.C. I have dedicated by life to serving victims in our local area, better educating the public about the serious problem we have with impaired drivers and fighting for tougher legislation.

Renewed Faith In The Goodness Of Men

Dear Editor:      
I would like to add my name to all the others to thank church volunteers for helping me in time of need when Hurricane Matthew came through.    

Schools Are There For Each Other During Hurricane Matthew

Dear Editor:
I am a teacher at Lake View High School, but I am certain that what I’m about to say speaks for all teachers, faculty, and staff for both Lake View Elementary and Lake View High Schools.  

An Outstanding Act of Kindness

Dear Chief Bailey:
My name is Michael Smith from Spartanburg County.  I found you on your department’s website, and I wanted to let you know of a recent outstanding act of kindness from Drew.

Dillon Historic School Foundation Facing Major Dilemma

0 To The Editor: Dillon Historic School Foundation is currently facing a major dilemma. The property insurance policy that DHSF purchased through BB&T will be cancelled if repairs have not been made to the auditorium’s roof before August 17. The building’s roof has damaging leaks over the stairwells in the front entry area, one over…

Woman Responds To Letter

To the Editor:
In response to the “Woman Responds to Ad”: Mrs. McAllister, I didn’t see the ad you are referring to, but I do agree we are NOT dumb; we have smart, caring, intelligent people in Dillon County.

Man Offers Opposing View  To Brown Letter

Dear Editor:
I often enjoy reading The Dillon Herald and articles written by Bishop Michael Goings. However, his commentary “Comments on the Massacre in Orlando” published June 16, 2016 has compelled me to respond in favor with Bishop Goings expressed sentiments of shock and horror, and his sympathetic view toward the victims of this horrendous crime.

Man Deeply Concerned Over Brown Letter

Dear Editor:
Why did Mr. Wil Brown misinterpret and twist Mr. Michael Goings’ article regarding the massacre in Orlando?

Letter Writer Calls Goings ‘A Man Of True Grit’

0 Dear Editor: I read the letter that was submitted to you and published in your paper on June 21, 2016 by Mr. Wil Brown. It is amazing that when someone like Bishop Goings takes a stand for their conviction against what the Bible clearly teaches about the LGBT lifestyle, they are labeled as intolerant,…

Man Calls Criticism Of Goings’ Column ‘Ridiculous’

0 To The Editor: I wish to respond to Mr. Brown’s letter of June 21 taking issue with Mr. Michael Goings. Mr. Brown’s harsh criticism of Mr. Goings’ editorial was ridiculous. Having read most of Mr. Goings’ columns, and by no means always agreeing with him, I have never detected un-American or un-Christian insinuations. He…