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When Local Businesses Thrive, So Does The Community

If you’ve got shopping to do, the national “big-box” and ecommerce retailers can seem like an appealing option. They’re often located close to the Interstate.

Small Newspapers Make A Big Difference

Of the many factors that contribute to a community’s quality of life, one that’s often under-appreciated is the local newspaper.

Dillon County Needs Professional Economic Development Director

Dillon County Economic Development Director Tonny McNeil resigned last week, and the county began advertising for a replacement; however, instead of advertising for an Economic Development Director, the county is advertising for an Economic Development Project Manager.

Exempting Non- Profits From FOIA

There is a wolf in sheep’s clothing working its way through our state legislature. The bill purports to be a transparency bill, but it is anything but… and it will hide how millions of taxpayer dollars are spent.

Your Local Newspaper: The Real Deal

+12 By Jim Zachary While no one should ever say “I know it’s real because I saw it on the internet,” everyone should be able to say,”I know it’s real. I read it in the newspaper.” Real newspapers reporting real news have never been more important or more valuable to readers and communities. This week,…

Irma Has Passed; Time To Refocus On Our Future

Hurricane Irma has passed. South Carolina was initially in the direct path of the strongest weather event to threaten the Southeast in recorded history. It didn’t happen, and we are blessed by that. But Marlboro Electric Cooperative (“MEC”) took no chances with Irma. Our employees, Board and contractors spent the week and weekend leading up to the storm preparing for the worst – power outages, flooding, downed trees and, sadly, the possibility of loss of life.

Dillon County Was Blessed

Dillon County was very blessed that we received as little from Hurricane Irma that we did when it passed through earlier this week.

Dillon Downtown Revitalization Members Share Vision For Downtown

We asked the members of the Dillon Downtown Revitalization Committee what their vision is for downtown Dillon. Here are the responses we received.

Own It

At a called meeting of the Dillon County Council on Friday morning, the Dillon County Council in a 4-3 vote made two big decisions.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

At the June 28th Dillon County Council meeting, Councilman Stevie Grice stated that he had not had a chance to properly review the budget and that he didn’t want the council to vote on the third reading.