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Opinion: Immigration

One of the most prominently discussed issues facing our nation today is illegal immigration.

Opinion: A Teacher’s Call To Innovate

Across South Carolina, parents, students and teachers are back to school, several weeks into the new school year. For many, the beginning of a new school year marks new opportunities, another chance to prepare for a promising future. But all teachers know that the hopes of success for some children will be short lived. Throughout our state, far too many children either don’t graduate at all or finish far below the best students in other states, including North Carolina. Besides failing students, every parent, teacher and administrator can name other problems that need to be addressed in our education system.

Editorial : Golf Carts Need Parent Enforcement

Some people may think the city council is being too strict in reminding the public about golf cart regulations and enforcing the statute, but that is hardly the case.

Opinion: Always Remember

September 11, 2001 was a tragic day in our nation’s history.

Opinion: Wise Decisions By Council

The Dillon County Council made some wise decisions about economic development at their meeting held recently which was reported in Tuesday’s issue.

Editorial: We Can’t Afford To Lose Good People

On today’s front page, we have a statement from Bo McInnis who has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Board.

Editorial: Get On Board

Have you visited Niagara Falls lately? A trip to the Dillon County Recycling Center on a rainy day produces nearly the same effect.

Opinion: Make Our Visitors Feel Welcome And Appreciated

This week we have a South Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball Tournament taking place in Dillon.

Opinion: A Blueprint For Reforming Government

There’s a battle being fought in Columbia — a battle between those who want to reform state government to make it work better for the people, and a “Good Ol’ Boy” system that prefers things the way they are.

Editorial: You Decide

It’s disappointing that the Dillon County Democratic Party chair, Clarence “Sonny” McRae, didn’t think enough of your local newspaper than to hold them out of the first half of a protest hearing that could have a significant impact on the leadership of our county.