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Dillon County Was Blessed

Dillon County was very blessed that we received as little from Hurricane Irma that we did when it passed through earlier this week.

Total Eclipse Provided Welcome Distraction

For a period of a few weeks, the news seemed like it couldn’t get any worse. North Korean military exercises triggered new fears of nuclear war. Racism and violence in Virginia shook the country.

High School Activities Bring Communities Together

Tailgates. Pep rallies. Friday night lights. The new school year is here! And that’s exciting news for student-athletes and high school sports fans alike.

Dillon Downtown Revitalization Members Share Vision For Downtown

We asked the members of the Dillon Downtown Revitalization Committee what their vision is for downtown Dillon. Here are the responses we received.

Own It

At a called meeting of the Dillon County Council on Friday morning, the Dillon County Council in a 4-3 vote made two big decisions.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

At the June 28th Dillon County Council meeting, Councilman Stevie Grice stated that he had not had a chance to properly review the budget and that he didn’t want the council to vote on the third reading.

A Cautionary Tale

The “public hearing” held at the Dillon County Council meeting on Wednesday, June 28th, is perhaps one of the most shameful displays of government in action that has ever been witnessed in Dillon County’s history.

Do Right

Our public officials are very important people in our lives because they make decisions that affect all of us on the local, state, and national levels. It is the job that we elect them to do on our behalf.

More Than Just A Pathway

It was announced on Tuesday that the permit has been issued to begin the construction of I-73.

Guest Editorial: NETC’s Vision For Dillon County

Dillon County has a huge opportunity with the SC Port Authority’s recent decision to bring their new Inland Port to the area, and Northeastern Technical College is committed, more than ever, to helping the county reach its fullest potential.