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Let’s Make America Great Again

What does “Let’s Make America Great Again” mean to me… Where should I start?

Congressman Rice Says Inland Port Dillon Is The Biggest Thing To Happen To This Area In A Long Time

Tom Rice

It’s the biggest thing to happen to this area in a long time–bringing job creation, better salaries, and economic diversification to the Pee Dee. It’s the groundbreaking of the Inland Port in Dillon.

Passage Of H.3931 Will Send Your Tax Dollars Down The Rabbit Hole Never To Be Heard From Again

6/15/12 Baker, Ravenel and Bender is a full-service litigation firm and one of the oldest firms in South Carolina. Photos for ADCO. Photos by Renee Ittner McManus/RIM Photography

Where does your tax money go? In most instances it supports direct government activities such as schools, police, housing, public health and the like.

Meeting The Growing Energy Needs Of South Carolinians

The demand for natural gas continues to grow across the country, and specifically here in South Carolina.

Lawmakers Should Preserve Conservation Bank Now

From the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sandy beaches along our Atlantic coast, the Palmetto State’s natural beauty draws thousands here annually.

Building A Bridge To A Brighter Future

Restoring hope and opportunity is critical to lifting up our communities who feel like they have been left behind.

Shopping Locally Is An Investment In The Community

A new year has started and the holiday mass shopping season is over, but we all still have a certain amount of shopping that we normally do.  This is a reminder that when you have this normal, everyday shopping to do, remember to shop locally when possible.

The Time Is Now

At the September meeting of the Dillon City Council, Mayor Todd Davis laid out his plan to take the first steps to revitalize Main Street.

A Public Vote

A public vote. It seems like a simple concept. A board, council, commission, etc. has an issue, makes a decision, and votes on it openly in a public session. Generally, the public leaves the meeting knowing how the members voted and who voted how. This was not the case for many who attended the public hearing on the voter registration challenge by Sarita Bethea against James M. “Hoghead” Campbell in the Dillon County Council District One election.

City And Dillon County Need To Come Together For The Sake Of The Theatre

It is time that the City of Dillon and Dillon County come together for the sake of the Dillon County Theatre.