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What Have They Done Now?

Traditionally, when you see what some have affectionately called “the line-up,” it usually means that some council or board has done something in a negative way. However, today, that is not the case. Instead, we have good news to report, and councilmen to commend for their positive action.
At Wednesday’s meeting, the Dillon County Council voted 5-1 to provide $36,000 a year for three years to implement the PDRTA bus system in Dillon County with stops throughout the county.
While to some this may seem like a lot of money, when you consider that the total project is $1.6 million for the first year and the federal government is contributing $600,000, the state is contributing $750,000, and local businesses and industries and other local government agencies are making up a large part of the balance, $36,000 seems like peanuts at only 2.5 percent of the total cost of the project. However, our purpose today is not to debate money, which in this case is very well-spent, but to commend the council for their wise action in voting to help fund this project.
As the Dillon Inland Port is seen to be a game-changer in this county, the PDRTA will be as well. For the first time, we will have organized public transportation that covers the whole county. People who do not have their own transportation to their doctor’s appointments, to be able to get to work and hold a job, to get to government offices to take care of business, and to get to local retail stores to buy the necessities will now have a way to get to all of these places thanks to the commitment made by the Dillon County Council and others. This will be life-changing for many people, and it will better the quality of life that many people have and will increase their pride in themselves when they are able to get the things they need to be able to live like people who do have transportation.
So many people have to walk to get where they want. Can you imagine having to walk three, five, or even ten miles to get back and forth to work each day or to not be able to work at all because you have no way to get to a job It’s so easy for so many of us to run to the store to pick up a few items, but what about the person who has no vehicle who has to walk miles just to meet their basic needs or who has to pay someone $25 to come from one municipality to another.
It will help employers too. There will be more employees to choose from now that they can actually get to work. Five employees won’t have to stay out of work because their driver is sick. Retailers will make more money as people will have jobs and will be able to make trips to the store. Residents will be able to get to the doctor to get to the health care they need. It will benefit the county in so many ways.
So what have they done now? They have made a move that will help elevate the lives of so many people in this county.
It’s one of the most important moves that this county has made in a long time.
So if you see them, thank Chairman Stevie Grice, Vice-Chairman Buzzy Finklea, Councilman Gerome McLeod, Councilman Jack Scott, and Councilman James Campbell for being able to see the needs and understand the plight of those who have no transportation and for having the compassion and the wisdom to take action to do something about it. These gentleman are to be congratulated on their positive action for this county and for voting for this important measure. It was a historic day.

Disparity In Treatment

Editor’s Note: The following presentation was made by Mrs. Rachel Banks at the Dillon City Council meeting on October 14th.

Why Did S.C. Teachers Get A Higher Pay Raise Than Other State Employees?

To The Editor:
Why did SC Teachers get a higher pay raise this year than other State Employees?

National Newspaper Week: Newspapers Bring Value To The Community And Your Life

It is easy in these times of “fake news” and denigration of the media to forget the importance of your local newspaper. It is National Newspaper Week, so take time to consider what value your local newspaper brings to your community and your life.

Public-Private Partnership Letter Was Accurate

Dear Editor:
I believe the letter from Mr. Bo McInnis addressing the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership is accurate.

Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Board

To The Editor:
I watched a recent County Council meeting where Mike Tyler, Chairman of the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership for Economic Development, (DCPPP), made a presentation asking the county for $50,000.00 funding.

False Accusers

To The Editor:
Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 @ 2:35am
From my observation, generally when I hear of the racist card being played, it’s usually because a false accuser having nothing truthful wherewith to be critical, so he or she then uses the only hand they have left to play, the race baiting card.

An Unsung Group

There is an unsung group in Dillon County, who most may not know by name, that is working hard to improve the quality of life and the quality of health in Dillon County.

Breaking The Trend

There has been a trend at Dillon County Council meetings lately of various council members not voting when an issue is tough or not politically popular.

Sending A Message

Almost everyone can agree that economic development and bringing it to our county is important. We all want our county to progress and grow, and we want our county to wisely invest their dollars into things that can make growth happen and broaden our tax base.