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Let’s Make America Great Again

What does “Let’s Make America Great Again” mean to me… Where should I start?

Letter: Boys And Girls Youth Center

0 To The Editor: Greetings. I’m Kenny Smith, President of The Dillon County Boys and Girls Youth Center, here in Dillon. The Youth Center is a nonprofit, tax deductible 501(c)3 entity. The mission of Dillon County Boys and Girls Youth Center is to promote health, social, educational, cultural, character, and leadership development. It aims to…

Results: What do you think should be the first task of the newly formed City Of Dillon downtown revitalization committee?

What do you think should be the first task of the newly formed City Of Dillon downtown revitalization committee?

Order Of The Palmetto

Dear Editor:
I feel so honored to have been chosen by a previous Governor of the great State of South Carolina to receive The Order of Palmetto, the highest citizen award of the Palmetto State.

Poll Results: Moped Regulations

Do you think moped regulations should be strengthened?

Congressman Rice Says Inland Port Dillon Is The Biggest Thing To Happen To This Area In A Long Time

Tom Rice

It’s the biggest thing to happen to this area in a long time–bringing job creation, better salaries, and economic diversification to the Pee Dee. It’s the groundbreaking of the Inland Port in Dillon.

Passage Of H.3931 Will Send Your Tax Dollars Down The Rabbit Hole Never To Be Heard From Again

6/15/12 Baker, Ravenel and Bender is a full-service litigation firm and one of the oldest firms in South Carolina. Photos for ADCO. Photos by Renee Ittner McManus/RIM Photography

Where does your tax money go? In most instances it supports direct government activities such as schools, police, housing, public health and the like.

Local Man Puts In Two Cents On Golf Course

After hearing a lot of conversation about the pros and cons of having a golf course in Dillon, I have decided to put in my two cents worth. It is expensive to operate and maintain a golf course, but having a golf course can and does benefit our community.

Meeting The Growing Energy Needs Of South Carolinians

The demand for natural gas continues to grow across the country, and specifically here in South Carolina.

Lawmakers Should Preserve Conservation Bank Now

From the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sandy beaches along our Atlantic coast, the Palmetto State’s natural beauty draws thousands here annually.