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Poll Results: Trump’s First Year

How would you rate President Donald Trump’s first year in office?

Congrats To The Wildcats

+1 Dear Editor, Ordinarily, I would utilize my column to express my perspective, opinions, and sentiments. I want to use this letter as an opportunity to convey my belated congratulations toward Coach Jackie Hayes, his coaching staff, and especially the Wildcats’ players for winning the 3A State Championship in such a masterful fashion. For not…

Dillon County Needs Professional Economic Development Director

Dillon County Economic Development Director Tonny McNeil resigned last week, and the county began advertising for a replacement; however, instead of advertising for an Economic Development Director, the county is advertising for an Economic Development Project Manager.

Poll Results: Direction

0 Are you happy with the direction that Dillon County as a whole (including our municipalities) is headed in? Maybe (1%, 4 Votes) Do not know or care (1%, 4 Votes) Yes (10%, 26 Votes) No (87%, 235 Votes) Total Voters: 269 Vote

Letters To The Editor About The Deputy Administrator: 1/11/18

0 Questions About The Assistant County Administrator To The Editor: In response to Mr. Houston Manning’s letter to the Herald, I too have some questions concerning the Asst. County Administrator. Was this job advertised? How extensively? Were resumes collected and the most qualified hired? What were the requirements for this job? I understand the pay…

That Smells

0 To The Editor: Councilman Robbie Coward worked hard to get elected and now is resigning to get elected for a county job. That smells! I protest any job for him before the public knows what job and what salary he’s getting. Houston Manning Church Street Latta, S.C. P.S. I had hoped County Administrator Berry…

The Red Cross Helps

0 To The Editor: Look at your clock. Think about what you’ll be doing in 3.9 hours. Would you drop everything to help someone whose home caught fire? American Red Cross volunteers do just that six times a day. It took you about 10 seconds to read that. Already, 5 people in America need blood.…

A Different View Of Trump

0 To The Editor: This is a rebuttal to an article written by guest columnist, Carley Wiggins. 2017 has been a very interesting year – However, I, as a citizen and independent voter, would like to offer a different perspective of President Donald Trump’s presidency so far. It is true, he was a businessman, not…

Four Rules To Save The NFL

Nobody loves the Redskins more than I do. However I was forced this year of 2017 to choose, or not choose, to support a league whose employees kick, throw, and run around a ball made of pigskin making millions of dollars while disrespecting our tradition of honoring our servicemen, our policeman, and especially our Nation’s Flag and what it represents to so many of us.

Exempting Non- Profits From FOIA

There is a wolf in sheep’s clothing working its way through our state legislature. The bill purports to be a transparency bill, but it is anything but… and it will hide how millions of taxpayer dollars are spent.