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Dillon Downtown Revitalization Members Share Vision For Downtown

We asked the members of the Dillon Downtown Revitalization Committee what their vision is for downtown Dillon. Here are the responses we received.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, Sir!

Today is one good example as to why we elected Mr. Trump as our Nations President. With this deal, he has now put back some sanity and order in what was an entirely mentally disturbed policy previously demand by another former President of the United States, President, Barack Obama.

Poll Results: Restaurant

Do you think that Dillon County citizens would support a family-style, sit-down chain restaurant?

The Kind Of Government We Need And Deserve

To The Editor:
As I sat crowded with many other concerned citizens in the venue of the County Council for its public meeting on June 28, 2017, I began to feel that I must be losing touch with reality.

Poll Results: Hotel

0 Do you think the City of Dillon has a need for a hotel or more upscale accommodations for visitors? Maybe (0%, 2 Votes) Do not know or care (0%, 3 Votes) No (49%, 550 Votes) Yes (51%, 567 Votes) Total Voters: 1,122

The Best Solution For Dillon County

Dear Editor:
Thank you for your excellent editorial “More Than Just a Pathway,” which appeared in the June 22nd edition of The Dillon Herald.

Own It

At a called meeting of the Dillon County Council on Friday morning, the Dillon County Council in a 4-3 vote made two big decisions.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

At the June 28th Dillon County Council meeting, Councilman Stevie Grice stated that he had not had a chance to properly review the budget and that he didn’t want the council to vote on the third reading.

Poll Results: I-73

Do you think I-73 will benefit Dillon County?

A Cautionary Tale

The “public hearing” held at the Dillon County Council meeting on Wednesday, June 28th, is perhaps one of the most shameful displays of government in action that has ever been witnessed in Dillon County’s history.