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Senate Report: Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

School is out and the summer is here!

Minutes: Dillon City Council Special Meetings

A special meeting of City Council was held in the Council Chambers of the City-County Complex Building.

Senate Report: Fathers

I still vividly remember all of the life lessons that my father taught me. Some were harder than others to learn, but everything he taught me has helped me be the man that I am today.

Several Ordinances Passed By City Council

The Dillon City Council passed several ordinances at their meetings on May 14th.

City Council Approves Two-Year Extension On Golf Course Lease

The City of Dillon council voted 4-1 to approve a two-year extension of the golf course lease at their May meeting.

City Council Passes First Reading Of Ordinance Prohibiting Raising And Keeping Of Farm Animals

The Dillon City Council passes the first reading of an ordinance prohibiting the keeping and raising of farm animals within the city limits.

Lake View Town Council: April 2018

Lake View Town Council Minutes

City Council Passes First Reading Of Ordinance Prohibiting Blowing Weeds, Grass Clippings, And Vegetation In Street

The Dillon City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance, “Prohibiting Weeds, Vegetation and Grass Clippings from being blown or deposited onto streets, roadways, avenues or highways in the city limits” at their May meeting.

Senate Report: Legislation

This session, the General Assembly passed significant legislation on behalf of all South Carolinians. Matters and concerns important to this part of the state were considered and decided.

County Administrator Berry Resigns

The Dillon County Administrator, Rodney Berry, resigned at a called meeting on Friday.