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News from the municipal, county, and state levels of government related to Dillon County, SC

County Council Awards River Cleaning Bid

At a recent meeting of the Dillon County Council, the river cleaning bids were approved.

Update Given On Pine Street Neighborhood Project

City of Dillon Downtown Development Director Bridget Thornton reported to the Dillon City Council recently about the Pine Street Neighborhood Project.


U.S. Department of Education officials are urging our school leaders to push back against bullying and create a safer learning environment. The issue of bullying is complex, as are its solutions.

VIDEO: Dillon County Council Regular Meeting-August 28, 2019

Dillon County Council regular meeting, August 28, 2019

Jay David Wins City Council Seat By Seven Votes

Fifteen years ago, Jay David ran against John Braddy for the Dillon District Five City Council seat. He narrowly lost that election by 15 votes. On Tuesday evening 15 years later, Jay David won the seat with a seven vote margin over Steve Johnson to fill the seat vacated by Braddy earlier this year.

Jay David Wins Dillon City Council District Five Seat

Jay David won the Dillon City Council District Five seat in a close election over Steve Johnson on Tuesday.

Senate Report: School Buses

With the start of a new school year approaching, I want to encourage each and every one of you that will be driving on our roadways to pay attention to school buses that carry our precious cargo.

Public-Private Partnership Chairman Asks Dillon County Council For $50,000

Mike Tyler, Chairman of the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Board, appeared before the Dillon County Council at their last meeting to update the council on what they have been doing, where they have been, where they are going, and what they need.

Town Of Lake View Public Hearing: June 27, 2019 Minutes

Mayor Elvington opened the meeting with prayer.

Senate Report: Summer Learning

Now that we’ve reached the hot days of summer many of our kids are thoroughly enjoying a break from getting up early for school and homework.