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City Passes Second Reading Of Ordinances

The Dillon City Council passed the second readings of the following ordinances.

Statehouse Report: Controversial, Longstanding Issues

The House tackled many controversial, longstanding issues during the past two weeks, adopting measures to raise funds to repair our deteriorating roads and paying down the massive debt of the S.C. Retirement System, that serves three out of every ten families in our state.

Senate Report: The Promise Scholarship

We all have heard the saying that the best things in life are free. Now, scholars or educators will tell you the saying is based on the principle that some of the most gratifying moments in life don’t cost a thing.

County Council Discusses Fund 45

The Dillon County Council discussed Fund 45 at a recent meeting.

City Proclaims American Red Cross Month

Red Cross

Mayor Todd Davis and the Dillon City Council recently proclaimed American Red Cross Month.

City Gets Positive Audit Report

Smith Brooks of Kenneth Cobb Company, P.C., presented the audit to the Dillon City Council at a recent meeting.

Downtown Improvement, Facade Grants Discussed At City Council Meeting

Mayor Todd Davis spoke about downtown improvement at a recent meeting of the Dillon City Council.

West Countryside Drive Residents Express Concerns Over Potential Closing Of Railroad Crossing

Residents of the community of West Countryside Drive came to voice their concerns about the potential closure of the railroad crossing on West Countryside Drive and to hear from a representative of CSX on the issue at a recent meeting of the Dillon County Council.

County Council Proclaims Black History Month

Black History Month

The Dillon County Council recently passed a resolution in recognition of Black History Month on a motion by Councilman James Campbell.

County Council Proclaims March As American Red Cross Month


The Dillon County Council passed a resolution recognizing March 2017 as American Red Cross Month upon a motion by Councilman T.F. “Buzzy” Finklea, Jr.