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Capitol Report: Several Bills Taken Up By House

Dozens of bills were taken up by the House during the past two weeks, as members sought to complete legislative action by April 10, the deadline for House bills to “cross over” to the Senate and for Senate bills to get to the House. Any bill that fails to get 3rd reading by the deadline has little chance of success, as it will need a two-thirds vote just to be considered in the Senate, and vice versa.

Councilmen Take Oath, Other Matters Taken Up At City Council Meeting

COUNCILMAN JOHNNY ELLER takes the oath of office as his children Ethan, Haidan, and Easton stand with him. The oath was administered by City Attorney Jack McInnis. (Photo by Betsy Finklea/The Dillon Herald

Several topics were discussed at the City of Dillon Council meeting on Monday night.

Audit, Fund 45 Taken Up At County Council Meeting

The Dillon County Council took up a number of issues at their March meeting.

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Senate Report: Town Of Nichols

The town of Nichols, which suffered severe flooding last year during Hurricane Matthew, is closer to receiving much-needed state aid to get from underwater financially.