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Counselors And Leaders From Camp Pinehill Come To Minister At Mount Calvary

On Sunday, July 11, counselors and leaders from Camp Pinehill came to Mount Calvary Baptist Church to minister during the Sunday evening service. The group sang, gave testimonies, performed skits, and shared from the Bible.

Oakland Full Gospel Holiness Church’s Fellowship Building Renovated

During May of 2010, renovations began on the fellowship building of Oakland Full Gospel Holiness Church. There was so much to do, but it did not stop the dedication of the people who took part in this project.

God’s Word Shines: “Righteousness Exalteth a Nation…”

From The Pee Dee Baptist Association-Featured this week is Rev. Chris Alderman, the pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church, Little Rock.

Salkehatchie Campers Renovate And Repair Six Homes In County

More than fifty youth and their supervisors who make up The Harvest Salkehatchie Summer Camp divided into teams and headed out to renovate and repair six homes in Dillon County on Monday, July 12.

God’s Word Shines: The War On Worship

From The Pee Dee Baptist Association-Featured this week is Rev. James Smith, pastor of East Dillon Baptist Church, Dillon.

Amanda Hardwick Day Celebrated At Pyerian

One June 13th, Pyerian Baptist Church of Dillon, SC celebrated Amanda Hardwick Day. Mrs. Hardwick is the widow of former long time pastor Dr. Lamar Hardwick, who served from 1961 to 1994.

Donald Hayes Ordained

Donald R. Hayes was received into Holy Orders as a Reverend Deacon as St. John’s Chrysostom Anglican Church in Richmond, Virginia on June 19, 2010.

God’s Word Shines: The Most Difficult People To Get To Heaven

I have talked to thousands of people over the years about going to Heaven. The ones who were not going to church, had little knowledge about spiritual things, and had no pretense of religion were many times open to listening to the truth.

God’s Word Shines: Why Can’t I?

Probably one of the most familiar Bible verses is the one found in Matthew 7:1: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

Rogers Ordained As Deacon

Mr. Swanson Rogers of Latta was ordained on May 9, 2010 as Deacon at Bright Light Apostolic Church in Sellers, where he is also a Sunday School teacher.