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Senate Report: Hemp Agriculture

During this session, the General Assembly passed the South Carolina Hemp Farming Act.

Insecticidal Soaps

Insecticidal soaps are a safe, effective and low toxic alternative to the more toxic pesticides used to control many undesirable insects in your garden.


Caladiums are annuals in South Carolina and are native to Central and South America.

Deputy Promoted

Dillon County Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis James Cox, Jr. of Latta, was promoted to from PFC to Corporal by 1SGT Michael Barfield.

ATEC Presents Balanced Budget

The Dillon County ATEC Center presented a balanced budget at the Dillon County Board of Education meeting last Tuesday.

James Allen Meekins

James Allen Meekins of Lake View, South Carolina, was born on June 11, 1939 in Marion County. He passed away on June 27, 2019 in the loving care of McLeod Dillon.

Think, Before You Post

Social Media. Many people think it is a forum to post your opinion or whatever is on your mind and get lots of likes or to show that the poster is outspoken.

Senate Report: Summer Food

School is out and the summer is here! This is the part of the year when we can sit back, relax and enjoy.

More On ‘Will Our Democracy Survive?’

To The Editor
of The Dillon Herald:
About: “Will Our Democracy Survive?”—Bishop Michael Goings [The Dillon Herald: May 23, 2019]

Sheriff’s Office Treating Shooting At Sunflower Apartments As Homicide

The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office is on scene of a shooting at Sunflower Apartments in Dillon, according to Captain Cliff Arnette of the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office.