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Local Medical Practices Offering Prediabetes Prevention Classes

Dillon Family Medicine, the Dillon County Free Medical Clinic, and Dillon Internal Medicine are launching pre-diabetes prevention classes at each of their locations.

VIDEO: Dillon County Council- April 28, 2016

Here is the video from the Dillon County Council meeting from April 28, 2016.

Two Latta High School Players Sign To Play At College Level

Two Latta High School players have signed to play at the college level.

SCE&G Warns Customers About Phone Scam

SCE&G urges customers to beware of phone scams demanding payment to prevent immediate disconnection of electric or gas service.

Hospital Seeking Teen Volunteers For Summer

McLeod Dillon is sponsoring its 28th Annual Teenage Volunteer Program for Summer 2016. Volunteer youth will have the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals in many areas of the hospital.

The Trump Train: Can It Be Stopped?

I cannot think of anyone in recent history who has caused such an uproar in the presidential campaigning as Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s frontrunner.

Vikings Defeat Hannah-Pamplico

The Latta Vikings varsity baseball team defeated Hannah-Pamplico 8-7 in a game that was back-and-forth in Latta on Monday, April 25.

Marlins Sit Atop Minor League

The McLeod Health Marlins (6-1) sit atop the Minor League standings at the start of the fourth week in Dixie Youth Baseball action, with the Burger King Braves (5-1) nipping at their heels after both teams won in Tuesday action at the Kiwanis facility.

Playoff Brackets: Baseball and Softball

Here are the playoff brackets for baseball and softball.

Lake View Gators J.V. and Varsity Softball

Lake View Gators J.V. and Varsity Softball