Dillon County Makes Adjustments Due To Coronavirus

Dillon County has announced the following:
Until Further Notice
We Will Close The Dillon City/County Buildings
To The Public.
Please contact the following offices by phone or email:
Treasurer – 843-774-1416
Tax Assessor – 843-774-1412
Auditor – 843-774-1418
Probate Judge – 843-774-1423
Veterans Affairs – 843-774-1427
Economic Development – 843-774-1402
Coroner – 843-774-1444
** All payments and submissions can be done online or by phone. All telephone and online processing fees are being waved at this time. If this is not possible, citizens can utilize the Drop Box at the 5th Avenue entrance.

The Dillon County Library Board of Trustees announce the closing of our libraries (Dillon, Latta, Lake View and Bookmobile) to the public, effective March 18, 2020. The libraries will remain closed until March 30, 2020 or until which time the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or some other health authorities, deem it is once again safe for people to gather.
The library staff will report to work each day. This closing time will be used to give our facilities a good and much needed cleaning and take a much needed inventory of the library’s collections. We do apologize for any inconvenience closing may cause. However, we will work to diminish interruption by trying to provide some services such as answering phone-in requests, remote printing, curb-side book returns and check outs, plus any other service we can provide without opening to the public.
As you know public libraries around the state have closed their doors to the public in an effort to reduce opportunities for people to come in close contact with one another. Until this crisis is over, we trust that you will help us serve you remotely.

Sheriff’s Office
The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office will continue to serve and protect the citizens of Dillon County during the Covid-19 pandemic, however the sheriff’s office is currently under a modified operation, according to Captain Cliff Arnette of the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office. The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office will continue to answer emergency calls, however, non-essential and non-emergency calls will be handled by telephone when possible to prevent as much social contact so that we can keep our officers safe and healthy. If an officers responds to your residence or business the officer may request you to meet outside for non-emergency calls. The officer may have protective equipment on if a person has signs and symptoms of the coronavirus.

Jury Trials
The jury trials scheduled in Dillon County for March 23 and March 30 have been canceled, and jurors do not need to report. There will be no jury trials from March 16-April 16, per Gwen T. Hyatt, Clerk of Court.

All Dillon County softball, baseball, and other sports activities have been cancelled until further notice.