Special Referee’s Sale 2019-CP-17-00040 Branch Banking and Trust Company vs. Elva N. Cato, et al

BY VIRTUE of a decree heretofore granted in the case of: Branch Banking and Trust Company against Elva N Cato, et al., I, the undersigned Special Referee for Dillon County, will sell on March 2, 2020 at 11:00 AM, Dillon County Courthouse, 401 West Main Street, Dillon, SC 29536, to the highest bidder: All that certain piece, parcel, or lot of land situate, lying and being in the County of Dillon, State of South Carolina, being shown and designated as to No. 14 on a plat prepared for W C Parham, by Johnson and Roberts C E’s dated October 15, 1969 and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Court for Dillon County in Plat Book 10 at Page 170. Said Plat and the recording thereof are incorporated by reference and made a part of this description. Being the same property or a portion of the same property conveyed to Elva N. Cato by Instrument dated February 2, 1977 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture recorded on February 11, 1977 in Book 147 at Page 139 in the Dillon County records.
Parcel No.65-00-00-030
Property Address:
668 Oaky Point Road, Dillon, SC 29536
TERMS OF SALE: The successful bidder, other than the plaintiff, will deposit with the Special Referee, at conclusion of the bidding, five percent (5%) of his bid, in cash or equivalent, as evidence of good faith, same be applied to purchase price in case of compliance, but to be forfeited and applied first to costs and then to plaintiff’s debt in the case of non-compliance. Should the last and highest bidder fail or refuse to make the required deposit at the time of bid or comply with the other terms of the bid within twenty (20) days, then the Special Referee may re-sell the property on the same terms and conditions on some subsequent Sales Day (at risk of the said highest bidder). A personal or deficiency judgment being waived by Plaintiff, the sale shall close on the Sales Day. Purchaser to pay for documentary stamps on Special Referee’s Deed. The successful bidder will be required to pay interest on the amount of the balance of the bid from date of sale to date of compliance with the bid at the rate of 5.250% per annum. SAVE AND EXCEPT ANY RELEASES, DEEDS OF RELEASE, OR PRIOR CONVEYANCES OF RECORD. SUBJECT TO ASSESSMENTS, Dillon COUNTY TAXES, EXISTING EASEMENTS, EASEMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS OF RECORD, AND OTHER SENIOR ENCUMBRANCES.
In the event an agent of Plaintiff does not appear at the time of sale, the within property shall be withdrawn from sale and sold at the next available sales date upon the terms and conditions as set forth in the Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale or such terms as may be set forth in a supplemental order.
The Honorable Robert E. Lee
Special Referee for Dillon County
Bell Carrington Price & Gregg, LLC
339 Heyward St., 2nd Floor
Columbia, SC 29201
803-509-5078 / File # 19-40074
Attorney for the Plaintiff.