Lake View Town Council Minutes: November 2019

November 21, 2019
Council Chambers
Date: Thursday,
November 21, 2019
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Place: Lake View
Council Chamber

Presiding: Matthew Elvington, Mayor
Present: Council Members Mertis Barnett, Tony Hayes, David Johnson and David Kitchens
Also Present: Beautification Committee Members Ray Martin, Gloria Martin and Carol Rogers, Chairperson and Karen Cook-Henderson
1-Mayor Matthew Elvington opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed everyone to the meeting.
2-The minutes of the October 17, 2019 meeting were reviewed by council. Councilmember Tony Hayes made the motion to accept the October 17, 2019 minutes and Councilmember Mertis Barnett seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.
3-Carol Rogers presented the report from the Lake View Beautification Committee. The current members of the Committee include Ray Martin and Gloria Martin, who were in attendance, as well as Victor Hardin, Sherbey Johnson, and Starlian Lee. The Committee is working on several projects including having lights and Palmetto trees installed at the Welcome Signs, ordering new spring and non-seasonal banners, and planning for the Veteran’s Memorial Park to be installed at the Lake View Centennial Park. The Committee will be offering the opportunity for personalized bricks to be purchased and installed in 2020. The Beautification Committee presented a proposed budget of $40,998.44 for the creation of the Park. Councilmember David Kitchens made the motion to approve the budget as presented and Councilmember David Johnson seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.
4-Karen Cook-Henderson presented the report from the Lake View Event Committee regarding Christmas on the Boulevard to be held on December 7, 2019. The event will include a Car Show, many vendors, a performance by Wilmington Celebration Choir and the annual parade. Mrs. Sara Elvington accepted the honor to be the Grand Marshal.
5-The Council agreed to postpone the review of the Town of Lake View Ordinances – Chapter 131; Section 131.02 Charitable Solicitation and Peddling for discussion at the December 19, 2019 meeting.
6-The Council reviewed the Special Event Application and asked that it be sent for review by Attorney James Peterson.
7- The bleachers for the Hilltop Neighborhood Park are ordered and quotes for a sign have been requested.
8-Mayor Elvington asked the Council to review of the Town of Lake View Ordinances – Chapter 151; Section 154.08 Definitions, 154.20 RS-1 Single-Family Residential District and 154.21 RS-2 Single-Family Residential District as the ordinance is not in agreement with state statute. The ordinance will be sent to Attorney James Peterson for revision and will require two reading for amendment.
9-Mayor Elvington presented Council with a proposed quote form WTH Technology, Inc. to provide the Think GIS Software to the Town of Lake View for the purpose to establish 9-1-1 addresses. Council took the proposal under consideration and asked Mayor Elvington to explore with the Dillon County Council other possibilities for establishing 9-1-1 addresses.
10-Mayor Matthew Elvington made the motion to go into Executive Session: Discussion of negotiations incident to proposed contractual arrangements [30-4-70(a)(2)] and Discussion of personnel matter [30-4-70(a)(1)]. Councilmember David Kitchens seconded the motion and all were in favor. Councilmember Mertis Barnett made the motion to come out of Executive Session and Councilmember Tony Hayes seconded and all were in favor.
Results of Executive Session – Councilmember David Kitchens made the motion to authorize Mayor Elvington to enter into discussion and agreement regarding employee contracts. Councilmember David Johnson seconded and all were in favor.
11-Mayor’s Report
a. Christmas Party – the party will be Monday, December 9, 2019 at 7:00 PM. All the employees and committee members are invited.
b. Project Rug – The proposal from the Commerce Department regarding the Heritage building will be presented after Thanksgiving. The expectation is the building will be sold and the new owner will create 30 plus jobs by the end of year 5.
c. Splash Pads –We have two renderings that show a $60,000.00 project and a $100,000.00 project. Mayor Elvington will continue to solicit other estimates.
d. Mill Pond – The Department of Health and Environmental Control reclassified the dam so the pond is back in consideration for a possible recreation area.
e. Elementary School paving will be started by the SC DOT in spring 2020.
f. Third Avenue stumps will be cleared by the SC DOT.
g. Duke Progress Energy will change out the street lights to LED soon.
h.Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority will repaint the water tower at Scott Street and 12th Ave starting this month.
12-Council Concerns
a. Councilmember David Johnson asked that Council to consider purchasing more street lights in areas that remain dark after the LED lights are installed. He raised the question to ask Dillon County to help cut the trees out of the ditches. The concern is the need to obtain easements on private property to obtain permission to do the work. Also, he asked about the light staying on at the Walking Track restrooms and Mayor Elvington explained the contractor is waiting for a part to repair the motion sensor.
b.Councilmember David Kitchen raised the ongoing concern about ditches and the repeated flooding which all agreed is an important concern.
With no further business, Tony Hayes made the motion to adjourn with Mertis Barnett seconding.
There was no discussion and all were in favor, and the meeting was adjourned.