Council Gives Blessing To Library Project

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon County Council gave its blessing to the Dillon County Library Board to move forward with its project of expanding the Latta Library in its current location.
County Library Director Yolanda McCormick, who was accompanied by the board’s Latta trustees Vickie Graham and Gayle Coleman, said that Dr. Frank McMillan had left the Latta Library $2.2 million to add a children’s and adolescent reading room.
McCormick said after much discussion, a meeting with the community, and a recent trustee meeting where LaFon LeGette, Jr, generously offered to donate the property that he owns directly beside the library to keep it in its current location, the trustees went with the wishes of the community to expand the library to add the reading room which was the request of Dr. McMillan McCormick said they were there to ask council for their permission for the trustees to proceed with this project.
The motion was made by Councilman James “Hoghead” Campbell to all the board to go forward, seconded by Councilman Gerome “Gee” McLeod. All voted in favor. To view this meeting, the Library Board trustees meeting, where several prominent community members voiced their views, and the community meeting, visit The Dillon Herald’s channel on YouTube.