Town Of Lake View And Dillon County Reach Agreement On Capital Sales Tax Money

By Betsy Finklea
An agreement between the Town of Lake View and Dillon County regarding the capital sales tax money was approved at the Dillon County Council meeting recently.
The agreement was brought to the county about a year ago, according to Dillon County Attorney Alan Berry. It regards the capital sales tax money from 2002 and the excess funds which were called the Latta Area Funds and the Lake View Area Funds.
In the agreement, the county will make reimbursements to the Town of Lake View for infrastructure projects over the next five years.
The agreement is a different agreement than the agreement a few months ago. The project approved to be reimbursed a few months ago has been incorporated into this agreement. If approved, the town will get up to $52,000 on what they have done already. Then there is a schedule of payments as follows: Feb, 1, 2021-$58,000, Feb. 1, 2022-$60,000, Feb. 1, 2023-$60,000, Feb. 1, 2024-$60,000, and Feb. 1, 2025-$60,000.
Berry said this will resolve any issues with the Town of Lake View, and Lake View will not make any other claims on any other money.
County Administrator Tony Clyburn said the Lake View Town Council approved the agreement at their meeting. He said it reflects the will of the people and the will of the Town of Lake View.
Lake View mayor Matthew Elvington said that the request is not for all of the money, just a portion. Elvington said they will manage the money and be accountable. They will produce receipts for any money spent. Elvington feels this is a good deal for the county and said he was super-excited for it to be on the table. He said he does not know one person against it. he said this was a chance for the county to make it right for the people of Lake View.
Upon a motion by Councilman Harold Moody and a second by Councilman T.F. “Buzzy” Finklea, Jr., the motion was approved with a 4-0 vote by Moody, Finklea, Councilman Gerome McLeod, and Chairman Stevie Grice. Councilmen Archie Scott, Jack Scott, and James “Hoghead” Campbell were not present at the meeting.
Watch this meeting on The Dillon Herald’s channel on YouTube.