Public Warned About Social Security Scam

The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving complaints from citizens stating that they are receiving telephone calls from the Social Security Administration, according to Captain Cliff Arnette of the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office.
The caller is representing themselves as the Social Security Administration and stating that you owe a certain amount of money and you can pay what is owed by using gift cards.
The caller will tell you to go purchase gift cards for a certain amount and then provide them with the card number you purchased.
Some citizens have fallen victim to this scam and you are asked not to become a victim of this senseless crime. This is a scam and do not give out any of your personal information or purchase gift cards for payment.
The Social Security Administration will not call you and ask you to purchase gift cards for payment.
Also do not give out personal information over the phone such as birth dates and Social Security numbers. Some people have received calls asking for this type of information.
If you have fallen victim to this crime contact your local law enforcement agency.