Union Baptist Youth Group Returns From Mission Trip

The Union Baptist Church youth group recently returned from a mission trip held June 16th-21st.

The team members included: Kaidon Roberts, Jenny Ficik, John Gasque, Ashlyn Barber, Miranda Lee, Nikki Weatherford, Nicholas Weatherford, Brooks Ard, Stephanie Ard, and Stephanie Weatherford.
The team camped out at Little Pee Dee State Park at night and spent their days spreading the love of Jesus around the community.
On Monday, the team volunteered at the Soup Kitchen at Marion Baptist Church where they helped prepare and serve families in the Marion community. After the soup kitchen, the team returned to Union Baptist Church where they did some “spring cleaning.” They polished pews, washed baseboards, organized classrooms and restocked the church’s food pantry.
On Tuesday, the team rose early to start on some yard work for one of the ladies in the church. In the scorching heat and with no complaints, they mowed grass, cut bushes, pulled weeds, and trimmed hedges all day. Their work was certainly appreciated.
When the hard work was done, the team returned to the church to prepare some crafts to take to a nursing home later that week.
Some of you may know that UBC is working on finishing touches to a new church facility that we hope to open in September.
On Wednesday, part of the team worked at the new facility washing windows, dusting, and prepping the sanctuary while the other team members did some major yard duty by mowing and weed eating the ditch bank at the front of the property.
On Thursday, the team finished prepping for a visit to Mullins Nursing Center. When the team arrived at the nursing home, the students went to residents’ rooms inviting them to the activity room and assisting them in getting there. During the visit, the team helped the residents make several crafts, but their favorite part was the singing of hymns and worshipping.
After their time at the Nursing Center, the team went to the laundromat in Latta where they blessed people by paying for their washing and drying while sharing about Jesus. When the work was done, the team was invited to the home of Hermon and Marie Weatherford where they enjoyed a pool party and some great food and fellowship.
The team tore down the campsite early Friday morning and returned home. This was an amazing week full of great experiences, and many of the students stepped out of their comfort zones to speak to others and to do tasks that they did not know they were capable of.
Each team member was responsible for having devotion with the group in the morning or at night.
While the team looks forward to this annual trip, each member agrees that every day is a mission and everywhere we go is our mission field. It is our job to spread the Gospel and share the love of Jesus with others. We are Jesus’ hands and feet.
The team would like to extend many thanks to the members of Union Baptist Church who supported them throughout the week by providing breakfast each day and contributing financially to the cost of the trip.