Dillon City Council Discusses Large Item Trash Issue

The big items that City of Dillon residents have been putting out at the road was recently discussed at a Dillon City Council meeting.
Such items include mattresses and box springs, recliners, couches, etc. One man picks these items up by the hand. There are concerns about bed bugs, etc.
Public Works Director Burt Rogers spoke on the issue.
The minutes of the meeting recapped the discussion. Rogers stated, “We need to find a way to enforce what residents can put out to be picked up and on what day.
He stated we need to be more specific on what can be put out or maybe the residents can all Public Works to make an appointment for us to pick the stuff up. He said something needs to be done so our town can look better. He thinks we need to put our heads together and come up with something. Dr. Phil Wallace suggested purchasing construction bags for around $25 to put the stuff in and that way it doesn’t look like trash. Rogers stated we want to provide a good service but correctly. Councilman Tim Cousar asked if we can get someone to run the knuckleboon to pick up these items? Rogers stated they would need a CDL to operate the knuckleboon. Councilman Johnny Eller said we can pay them more money to get a CDL. Rogers also stated that businesses should be responsible for getting ride of their own trash. City Manager Glen Wagner stated our goal is to use that knuckleboon but on one specific day. This is not a part of sanitation fees but just a service that we offer. Rogers stated residents can take this stuff to the landfill. There is an increasing problem with residents putting furniture beside the road and we need a solution.”