NETC Board Chairman Explains How NETC Leverages One Mill

Dan Bozard, Chairman of the NETC Board, explained to the Dillon County Board of Education on Tuesday how NETC leveraged Dillon County Board of Education’s annual one mill ($73,113.01) for NETC to pay for 282 duplicated (took both Fall and Spring classes) Dillon County High School students (172 individuals) taking “dual credit” courses. Dual credit courses count for both high school graduation and transferable credit to any SC supported 4 year college or university.
The student earned 872 credits for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.
NETC’s per credit hour was $167. By taking courses with NETC, these students saved $283,024 vs. being a “day” student at one of SC colleges or universities. If they had been a full-time SC college or university student (including room and board and meal plan) – they saved $489,192.
NETC and the Dillon County Board of Education are thinking outside the box in helping contain higher education costs.
Student enrollment has grown from Fall to Spring, and they are feeling pretty positive that we will continue to see an increase this upcoming Fall.
A dedicated dual enrollment specialist and an enrollment center are located at Dillon High School. Students and parents can visit or call the Dillon High Dual Enrollment Center at 843-774-1231 x223, the enrollment specialist is there Monday- Friday and is located in Media Center (Library) Summer Hours are 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.