Dillon County Theatre Receives $50,000 Grant

The Dillon County Theatre received a $50,000 grant from the Fox Theatre Institute.

The grant was used to put in a new air conditioner, new carpet, secure a gas-powered generator, to repaint the lobby, and to seal the outside walls.
Former Dillon Mayor Todd Davis thanked the organization for the grant and said generations to come will benefit from this grant.
Pat Laird of the Dillon County Theatre Board echoed his statement and said the grant was “a shot in the arm.”
Linda Langley, president of the Dillon County Theatre Board, thanked them for the grant and said they had been able to do so much.
Glenn Greene of Anderson Brothers Bank said the theatre is important to the quality of the life in the area.
Leigh Burns, director of the Fox Theatre Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, said this was only the second grant awarded outside of the State of Georgia. “We’ve invested with the Community,” Burns said.
The institute awards grants to historic theatres primarily in the state of Georgia “for projects designed to provide significant economic and cultural impact to the communities they serve.” They will also receive expertise and guidance as well as help with strategic planning and professional development.
The Fox Institute is a non-profit organization, and their money comes from ticket sales. “We hope to pay it forward and hopefully, you will pay it forward,” she said.
Judge James Lockemy thanked the Fox Theatre as well. He said the money will give Dillon an opportunity to enjoy several productions here.