Will Our Democracy Survive?

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” — Abraham Lincoln

As an American citizen, student of history, and observer of current events (especially from a political and socio-economic perspective), I am very much concerned (not alarmed) by the present political state of our union.
My concern is derived from the ever-increasing divide that exists between our two major political parties – Democrats and Republicans – who seem to be unwilling to come together and agree on anything, even when they know it is right and good for the nation.
Their political bickering and partisan rivalry remind me of something
I saw once on a Wild Kingdom documentary about two male giraffes who were engaged in mortal combat for territorial dominance.
As they were busy battling, beating, wounding, and weakening one another, unbeknown to them, a pride of hungry and ferocious lions watched from the underbrush.
These carnivores, through stealth, crept ever closer and at the right moment when the giraffes had completely exhausted and weakened themselves, pounced upon them. Need I say that they feasted upon two giraffes, who normally would have been difficult, if not impossible, to bring down without endangering themselves.
Regrettably, from both a political and national perspective, these two major parties are engaged in a battle of ideas, standards, and even egos. Though each make a claim to be advocating for what’s right for their base constituency and America as a whole, their arguments smell of pure partisan politics.
The liberals on the left believe that they are right and the conservatives on the right believe that their agenda is the correct one for America.
Could it be that what is right for our nation is situated somewhere in the middle of these two opposing factions? One of the major problems (as I see it) is the unwillingness on either side to reach across the aisle, the great partisan divide, and reason together in order to reach a compromise and do what’s best for the nation.
In a day when we have so many problems confronting this nation, that are about to reach critical mass and the breaking point, time is of the essence.
We need some immediate legislative action to deal with our outrageous national debt, global warming, collapsing infrastructure, health care system, deficiencies, immigration, border problems, and quite a few other national dilemmas that are quickly becoming insolvable.
Are these signals flashing and sirens whistling the warning of imminent danger and ruin while our leaders in Washington are too busy opposing one another to hear or see them?
President Abraham Lincoln was once cited as making a statement to this effect: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
Are we witnessing a fulfillment of these words of warning from our greatest president? Legend has it that a few thousand years before Lincoln uttered the previous words, the most powerful of all the city-states in their part of the earth had a very wise king who wanted to know who was their greatest enemy and threat from beyond the walls of their great city.
So, he sent out one of his most competent and loyal servants with the assignment to travel far and wide and spy out the entire earth. He was told to not return until he found out who their greatest threat and enemy was.
After spending many grueling years of spying and assessing the most powerful and aggressive city-states known to man, the servant actually returned with this profound and prudent report: “My King,” he said, “There are no enemies out there beyond the walls of this city that can conquer us. If we are to be defeated and destroyed, it will have to arise from forces and foes within these walls.”
Many of the great civilizations of history like Egypt, Babylon, and of course Rome were ultimately weakened and destroyed because of internal discord, subversion, and cultural and social cancers like sexual perversion, greed, and the oppressing and exploitation of the majority by an elite and very small minority.
Is this what we are presently witnessing here in America with the almost extinction of the middle class and the great gap between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots, just keep getting wider and wider each year?
As an American citizen, I have personally become somewhat disappointed and distrustful of both of our major political parties.
My unfavorable opinion of them is stemming from their incompetence or perhaps unwillingness to disagree without becoming disagreeable and thereby unable to come together and initiate practical legislation to address and alleviate the problems confronting the nation.
Both my convictions and conscience will not permit me to fully endorse either party. I cannot remain true to my Judeo=Christian beliefs and give my allegiance to a group who have become so ultra-liberal that they endorse and encourage the practice of homosexuality, gay marriages, the transgender lifestyle, and abortion on demand at almost any level of pregnancy.
When the pendulum swings to the Grand Old Party-the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan-who would turn over in their graves (if there were such a thing) if they knew how their party had been taken hostage by a man who is a habitual liar, a misogynist, and perhaps worst of all, one who believes he does not need God to forgive him of anything.
Regrettably, many of my conservative and evangelical brethren believe that this right to “do evil that good might come” by fully supporting the man without any reservations.
And even worse are the Republican elite who through intimidation, fear and partisan pride, have abandoned their responsibility of oversight and keeping the executive branch accountable to the Constitution and rule of law.
Perhaps those powerful words from Thomas Paine, who helped to inspire the Revolutionary War through his writings, especially in the Common Sense pamphlet, will both serve as a reminder and wake-up call for our congressional leaders, as well as a fitting end for this column today: “The king (President) is not the law (Constitution), the law it the king.”