Darryle Jermaine Gets SAG/AFTRA Card

As you know, Dillon has covered the industry from politics to sports, and even the military. Now Dillon will be able to add another category to their growing list of notables. Darryle Jermaine, native of Dillon, is now a SAG/AFTRA professional actor. Coming from humble beginnings, Darryle Jermaine has proven that perserverance and dedication will take you where you want to be. He is in shows currently aired on Investigation Discovery and has been in feature films with actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Eric Roberts. With the new acquisition of his SAG/AFTRA card, Darryle has opened up a new window of opportunities for himself. Dillon’s own, Darryle Jermaine, is 36 years old. He comes from a family of five boys. He and his younger brother were reared by his grandmother in the Little Rock community. Darryle Jermaine attended Dillon High School and discovered his love of acting in the 6th grade with his impression of “Steve Urkel” from “Family Matters.” It was at the moment, Darryle Jermaine knew that his aspiration was to be an actor. Through trials and tribulations, he has finally made it to heights he is sure to surpass. Darryle Jermaine is Dillion’s next rising star. (Contributed)