Chad DuBose Signs With Morris College

Chad DuBose took the next step in his basketball career as he signed with Morris College on Thursday, April 11, at the Dillon Christian School Library.

He was joined by family, friends, Athletic Director Christian Wolfe, Coach Bo Stone, Morris College Coach Milton Bell, and well-wishers to make this an extra special day in his life.
DuBose has been playing basketball since he was 9 years old. His Dad, Brent King, taught him the game of basketball. His entire family has supported him since he began and will continue to do so.
Not only his Chad a good basketball player, he also excels at soccer.
DuBose should be a good fit at Morris College as he loves the atmosphere of the close knit campus along with great adult figures who head the schools programs.
DuBose has faced many challenges in his life including a broken finger and not being able to play basketball ball unit his senior year.
As he leaves high school, he will carry the knowledge of the game along with his hunger to get better and help his team win games.
DuBose excelled at the position of guard/shooting guard he played while at Dillon Christian School.
Chad will major in Biology at Morris College.
While not practicing and playing basketball, Chad enjoys reading, playing soccer, spending time with his family, and playing NBA 2K games.
Tara and Brent King, Chad’s parents, are super proud of their son. They wish him the best as he pursues his studies while enjoying playing basketball. “We are proud of his accomplishments and look for him to excel at Morris College. He has overcome a lot of obstacles. We are confident he will put in the time to do his best. We love him and will always support him in whatever he does. When he finishes his journey as a student athlete, we look forward to his becoming a physical therapist and help other athletes in their rehabilitation as he himself as done.”

Dillon Christian School basketball coach, Bo Stone commented “Chad is a good ball player and an even better man. I am glad he is getting the opportunity to pursue his dream of playing basketball while continuing his education at Morris College. I enjoyed watching him grow as a person and a player this year. I wish him all the success possible.”
Athletic Director Christian Wolfe also had complimentary remarks for Chad. “Chad came over for his senior year. He has been a great addition to our DCS Family. Not only is he an outstanding basketball player, but he also is an incredible young man and student. We wish him well and know he will be an excellent student/athlete at Morris College.”
Morris College Coach Milton Bell stated that Chad should fit in their programs in cross country and basketball, the ones DuBose signed up to participate. “We are very happy to have him join us”.