Todd Davis Gets Praise For Time In Office

By Betsy Finklea
City of Dillon Mayor Todd Davis received a great deal of praise for his time in office at the April meeting of the Dillon City Council.
Willie Bethea thanked Davis for his great vision for the city and said he had done well.
Rodney Berry spoke about Davis from the time he came to Dillon. He said Davis was a steady hand. He praised his guidance of the city and his work with city council and said the council was a shiny beacon in this community. He said it was not about ego with Davis, just a desire to serve.
He read a note from Ted Stephens, who said Davis was one who truly a public servant.
Steve Johnson extended his gratitude to Davis. He said that one of Davis’ stunning moments was during the past storm where he kept everyone informed He said he will push Davis to continue to stay involved. He said he appreciated all Davis has done.
His fellow city council members also expressed their appreciation. Councilman John Braddy said words were not adequate. Braddy said Davis had been the embodiment, the face, and the definition of what a public servant is and had always acted in the best interest of the city. He said the public didn’t realize how many hours that it took to do the job. He said Davis had been the face and voice of Dillon.
Mayor Todd Davis then made closing remarks. He said Connie Manning, who is also leaving, was a great asset to the City of Dillon.
He spoke about downtown revitalization and said it was a process. He never missed the 192 council meetings or the nearly 25 special meetings. He always took them seriously.
He said he was a rich man because he had good friends.
He spoke about the fantastic city employees, the city council, city manager Glen Wagner, and his family. He said it has been a pleasure to serve.