Latta Student Collects Items For Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter Donation Drive was a project Allyson Ray created in order to collect items for the Dillon County Animal Shelter.

This project was for the creativity, action service project (CAS) that International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates complete at Latta High School. The project took place at South Elementary School, where many teachers and administrators helped carry out the project. Students could bring in any type of cat or dog food to be accepted, and the classes with the most donations received ice cream and cupcakes. Overall, the school collected over 250 items. She would like to thank everyone who donated, the students for being enthusiastic along with the teachers and administrators for encouraging their students to bring in items. Allyson Ray. Allyson is a senior at Latta High School and the daughter of Bobby and Sharon Ray. Pictured are Allyson Ray and Dillon Animal Control Officer Daniel Hayes. (Photo by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald)